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When we were in our teens, we basically lied to our parents and pretended to having bedwetting issues to try and convince them to buy us diapers. After some family struggles, eventually they caved and we then had access to diapers, those being supplied by our parents.

Looking back, we realize how wrong it was for us to involve our parents in our private lives. We had no legitimate reason for which we needed to wear diapers.

You can argue things like “but parents still buy nice things for their children, right? Like electronics, toys, objects to be enjoyed by the children.” However, almost no parent would agree to supplying their children with devices that are supposed to be used only in private life, for reasons that are very personal and not, say, medical.

If you are legitimately experiencing bladder problems then you should talk to your family about it and ask for medical counseling. Wearing diapers as a response can be detrimental, because then you may feel like the problem is fixed and do nothing about it. You should really look into what’s going on internally, before you approve the “self-medicated” interim solution.

If you do talk to them, don’t mention that part of the reason why you want to wear diapers is due to feeling like a Little. This will potentially have a jarring effect and the chances of them actually validating your current condition are reduced.

Simply state to them that you think that you have a bladder problem, in the most direct and straightforward way that you can. You shouldn’t be afraid to talk about your health.
I don't think it's a good idea, personally. I've been in a situation where my mother discovered the fact because she one day saw a small collection of kids books that I was putting away. She asked why I had them and I said that I liked the art and story in it. She told me she didn't believe me so I told her truthfully that I would prefer not to discuss it with her. She jumped to a rather sinister conclusion involving child abuse. I then had to clear the air and explain it in detail. She was mortified about it and told me to get rid of it all before someone finds out.

Now, not all people will react in this way. But I am a firm believer of don't ask don't tell when it comes to certain aspects of ones personal lives if it's not a necessary cause or reason. No one can tell you what you should or shouldn't do as if it's something you feel the need to discuss with them and you feel it will bring you peace of mind then weigh the pros and cons and decide if it's truly something you need to do.

Both of my sisters and their husbands found out about this aspect of my life through my mother and to which they said if it makes me happy, that's what counts. They don't not need intimate details of my life and were appalled that my mother deemed it necessary to tell them as well as react the way she did.
my mom is already okay with me being a little I told them already how it was for me and all and they let me have onesie and sippy cups and my mom gave me my old rattle and let me have a paci and I'm going to a doctor someday to find out my health and while I am there I will find out if I have a small blader they are okay with it if I have trouble holding it in which I think I do
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