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For me the only major issue about wearing diapers is the cost of buying them, as I dont qualify for free ones because of the fact that the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me in 2010,

However I am starting to wear diapers more and more over the years since my original diagnosis of a weak bladder, I didn't choose to become incontinent it was simply something that just happened.

I guess my body was telling me that I should never have been potty trained in the first place, although this is a little off topic.

If and when I have to go back to wearing diapers 24/7 and not only partially then yes I will go all the way and return myself to being a baby not physically obviously I cant re-set my body.

This would mean getting a crib in my size and high chairs plus a changing table diapers, powder, creams& gells as well as all the necessary things for an adult baby including a carer or nanny.

However as I am not at that stage at this time the only issue I have about wearing diapers is getting them without being seen by anyone who does not understand why I buy them or the second issue of finding a suitable diaper in terms of absorbancy Comfort and size plus at a reasonable price.

The only other thing I have been aware of when wearing diapers in public is the embarrassment of being caught out.

As for every thing else I have that covered quite literally speaking.
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