Favorite Brands of ABDL Diapers

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Favorite Brands of ABDL Diapers

Postby Palper » 1 month ago

I'm just a little curious here, diaper peeps.

What are your favorite brands of diapers?

I've always liked the bambino classicos because they are just very cute aesthetically, but I think my actual favorite brand would be Abenas.

They are so comfortable, and while they aren't the thickest, and they may not have the most satisfying crinkle, they have never leaked on me, and are very affordable.

I think I hold Abenas in a special place in my heart! (and certain other special places too~) ;)

What about you?

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Re: Favorite Brands

Postby PeppermintBatty » 1 month ago

I wear a lot of cloth diapers. So, to be honest, the brands I use you've probably never heard of. I love this one brand, "happy endings" cloth diapers because they're extremely affordable. I've had some problems with leaks, but I use plastic pants now (Which I exclusively buy from fetware).

I've been meaning to try dependeco though, since people swear by that brand.

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Re: Favorite Brands of ABDL Diapers

Postby Hillydew » 1 month ago

I'm a rearz girl all the way. They're not cheap but they're so soft and absorbant and also very cute. Also I went to canada and visited their store and they were so nice and helpful so now I'm emotionally attached to them on multiple levels. lol

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Re: Favorite Brands of ABDL Diapers

Postby crinklycuddler » 4 weeks ago

I'm also a fan of Rearz, I've only tried a couple of their diapers (the inspire+ are amazing!). But they're really expensive especially with shipping. My new favorite is ABU. I love their Simple and Little Paws diapers and those two are my preferred overnight diaper.

The new preschool plastic-backed diapers are my new favorite daytime diaper, they're still decently absorbent but much more discreet under clothes. The patterns are super cute, too. I kinda wish they made a plain version, though.

One of my paranoias is ending up in a medical emergency and people seeing what I'm wearing, scary! Plain diapers can be explained way easier lol.

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Re: Favorite Brands of ABDL Diapers

Postby Hippieluvr » 3 weeks ago

Abu brand is absolutely my fav!!!!! They fit me the best I feel like. I'm a small waist guy so I can still fit the pampers baby dry size 6s and good nite pullups. Also like the abena abri juniors..

Abu all the way for abdl

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Re: Favorite Brands of ABDL Diapers

Postby thecrinklemonster » 3 weeks ago

Bambino used to be my favourite but now since Abu has done a 180, they have taken over the reigns as being my favourite. And they breathe which is awesome.

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