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I'm a woman in my late 20s and got married 2 years back to a nice normal bloke. I've always wanted to be a mummy and right before he and I got married I told him all about it. It was a shock because he had been keeping secret his desire to be a adult baby! We made a very serious agreement of rules that included him always being nappied no matter what. For 2 years I've played out having a baby husband! But we're going through financial hardship and about a week back he very suddenly just said he'd stop buying his nappies to save back. They don't cost much but maybe £40 a month total. It surprized me but I guessed he wasn't to serious because of the huge promises we made 2 years back and for the 2 years him being always nappied. He ran out of nappies the day after and that's been that. He didn't go to buy them and it's been his duty for the 2 years. I half expected him to be grizzly if not nappied but that's not been! I feel bloody strange and I'm feeling hurt and confused. I feel I've gone mad. I know this sounds poor but I've refused adult relations with him because I don't know how to think. I don't want to hug or kiss him or spend much of time with him. I've not offered his dummy, dressed him in a babygro, or acted as his mummy as I have been. I'm hurt because he broke his promise and because it feels like he's taken my baby away. I feel I don't want to be married to him if he's not my baby but don't want to be making him to do it if he's not in it. I feel my face has been coloured red the past week from all these feelings! I'm to have tea with his mum this week and this is all I can think of. I know I can't talk about it without hurting him. I've come here and hope there's something to be done. What do I do? How do I stop wanting to be mummy to him? How do I forgive the broken promise that meant loads to us 2 years back?

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Hello. I think first and foremost you should probably sit down and have a good conversation with him. I think you need to find out why he has stopped and whether your expectations for the relationship are. Maybe it is as simple as him trying to help out with finances, or maybe he needs a break as a baby for a little bit, or maybe there's just some aspect that he wants changed. Regardless what the reason is, you won't be able to start working through this until you figure out the why of the sudden change.

Good luck!

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You should sit and talk with him honestly, he's your husband. He said before that he was going to stop buying them and you didn't reject or say anything about it so he probably thought that you were okay with it. Ask him if it is still what he wants. If he has changed his mind and doesn't want to do it anymore. Or simply was it for financial reasons. He obviously wanted to because he has done it for two years. If he just simply doesn't want to do it anymore, then maybe you guys need to talk it out and see why he doesn't want to anymore and get rid of anything that reminds you of such and do other things to get your mind(s) off of it. If it was for financial reasons, you could start an envelope, container, whatever you want and put spare money in it to buy them so you don't have to worry about getting them when needed.

I hope this has helped!!

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