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I I like to wear my diapers a lot but I am afraid of wearing them outside because they are bulky and get more bulky if you wet anyone who's a little who wears outside got any tips on how to conceal and do's and don'ts .what not to wear are both diaper and clothes :paci:
Nobody really cares about staring at your crotch enough to mind figuring out whether or not you're wearing a diaper. In fact, most people aren't really aware of what anybody else is wearing under their clothes, and most certainly unlikely to draw the conclusion that you're wearing diapers unless you make it obvious.

With that said, we can give common sense advice as to how to hide underwear under your clothes.
  • The first pointer is to wear looser clothes, enough to reduce whatever bulk you're trying to hide.
    Generally speaking, wear a top that goes down past your waist.
  • Long hoodies are your best friend.
  • If wanting to wear a form-fitting top, loose shorts or pants can do the trick.
  • If wearing a dress or a skirt, wear short leggings or tights to prevent accidental exposure.
  • A good way to reduce potential bulging is to wear bike shorts as a diaper cover. They are pretty good at reducing overall volume and keeping the diaper contoured. Example: Under Armour Boxerjocks.
  • If you have onesies, they're a perfect go-to preventing your shirt from riding up.
Anything outside of those pointers is up to you. Just use common sense and put yourself in the position of the general public. We've worn diapers 24/7 for over 4 years total, and never have we ever had so much as a nasty look in any of our outfits.
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