Caregiver getting a little tired of changing adult baby diapers.

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Caregiver getting a little tired of changing adult baby diapers.

Postby Stormbringer84084 » 5 months ago

My little girl has been in diapers all the time for a while now and though she likes it and I love seeing her cute diapered bottom I am getting tired of changing diapers. When we decided on her wearing diapers full time I didn't realize how often I would be changing her, especially when we learned that she gets rashes easy. I feel like I am constantly doing diaper changes. I am probably just reacting to a recent bout of diarrhea and her nursery smelling bad even with a diaper pail but I am considering potty training. Any coping advice?

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Re: Caregiver getting a little tired of changing diapers.

Postby Fig_Newton » 1 month ago

Well if you're looking for a coping device here are a couple of options that might help.

1. Set aside time for her to be out of diapers (or conversely in diapers) that way it is predictable and you can take a break if you aren't enjoying her using 24/7

2. If you're looking to combat the smell make sure to use scented or odor blocking can liners (If you need to upgrade from a pail to a can that is also fine) and you should also invest in an air freshener like Lysol and/or some scented air fresher like Febreeze (Spraying directly into the pail or can might help but don't do it too often)

3. Dictate if and when she goes, ideally as a little you should try and let go as it really helps you feel in the role but it can also be just as fun to tell her to hold it. This way you're going through fewer diapers and she knows you're paying attention.

4. Plenty of powder. Nuff said, you know the drill. If her coochie don't look like a white Christmas then she isn't ready to be sealed up

5. Communicate, talk with her about potentially changing the agreement. Perhaps use diapers as a reward, punishment, or something for when you are in the mood. She may not like being without her padding but her caregiver making the rules will probably be just as important to her if not more.

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Re: Caregiver getting a little tired of changing adult baby diapers.

Postby Alanna_Baby » 2 weeks ago

Honestly, 24/7 wearing is not for everyone, and if it is causing stress on you time-wise or causing stress on the relationship due to this you two will need to sit down and talk about it. Here are a few ideas that may get a ball rolling.

- If she wants to stay diapered 24/7
a. have designated changing times. I know she develops rashes a little easily but this will help reinforce a schedule so she can time her use closish to those times. a biological clock does exist and will work when kept wound up
b. have her change herself from time to time. I know this will break the immersion to a degree, but caregivers need some time to handle things every so often
c. make a game of it, have her in a perpetual "potty training" regime. She never graduates out of her diapers, but there is always hope. Could actually help increase immersion

- If she is amenable to time tables for wearing / using
a. She can still wear 24/7 but can use the potty (with your permission of course) (NOTE: this can work well in conjunction with point a. of 'if she wants to stay diapered 24/7)
b. have designated little times. This will make things predictable as mentioned above by Fig

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Re: Caregiver getting a little tired of changing adult baby diapers.

Postby BabyMax » 2 weeks ago

I didn't know caretakers or bf and gfs got tired of changing diapers. Always though it would bring them closer together.

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