Age regression is ageplay and it is a kink!

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Age regression is ageplay and it is a kink!

Postby Informant » 2 months ago

Age regression (better termed "ageplay") can certainly be a recognized sensual kink if someone is getting sensual gratification from it in some way.

“Your kink is not my kink and that is okay!” type of respectful attitudes are really valued as an adult in an adult-oriented community. So, let's keep that in mind as we continue.

People are right in saying that “ageplay” and “age regression” may not be the same thing, but it isn't really what they intend to mean. If you are in a professional therapy session and your psychologist has assisted you by using a form of hypnosis so that you can uncover your painful childhood moments and try to work around discovering difficult, hurtful memories with the goal of resolving psychological trauma/issues that arose from those incidents then, yes, that’s entirely different than choosing to pretend you’re a 5 year old and coloring pretty pictures with your most prized stuffed animal for your own comfort and relaxation–which would actually be ageplaying.

When you're purposely pretending to be younger than you biologically are so that you can do things like relax, de-stress, feel free, or, for some, have a sexually-oriented scene with a partner then, technically, that isn't actually true age regression by definition. It's ageplaying--which is still a good term. After all, if you’re not really that age then you are roleplaying at that age. "Playing" a different "age" if you will. Ageplaying!

It isn’t your fault if someone else gets sensual satisfaction from those ageplay things though–if YOU aren’t encouraging them to do that or provoking them to then it’s none of your business what somebody else is off getting aroused from.You don’t have to interact with those people or be placed in those situations if you aren’t purposely sexualizing yourself, your actions, or your comments.

Let's look up the definition of “kink” to better understand how nearly anything can be a sensual kink. (the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as an unconventional sensual taste or behavior. ). I think "unconventional" is really the key term here since it indicates that it's unusual or not common.

Someone can (and some people really do) have an unusual sensual preference of incorporating ageplay ("age regression") into sensual scenarios. Perhaps it's just the thought of feeling childishly free and silly or getting to care for another adult on such very basic levels.

I mean, consider more commonly known of kinks: stinky feet. Washing your stinky feet in the shower after a long day isn’t JUST a kink, and may not cause you any sensual feelings whatsoever, but it can certainly be a kink and sensual interest to some people. Some people actually do get some sensual satisfaction from watching that or doing that. They become aroused or climax due to it even though it isn’t a conventionally arousing thing. It happens because it is an “unconventional sensual taste” for a few out there.

Just the same, a foot fetishist may look at peoples’ feet in sandals throughout the day, and later use those memories for sensual gratification, you cannot control what someone else finds arousing and it doesn’t necessarily have to do with you cognitively knowing it is sexualized. You don't have to participate in something that someone else finds sensually arousing for them to still find it sensually arousing.

I’m not saying that it’s right or wrong to define age regression strictly as a kink, but I am saying that it is incorrect to think or say that it isn’t "a kink” at all or that it's wrong for it to be a kink since it encompasses biological adults.
So, ultimately, age regression is ageplay and it IS a kink but it is not ONLY a kink and is not ALWAYS a kink.

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