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 ! Message from: admin
Questions we no longer accept multiple thread topics of in the community due to the frequency of them.
How do I know what little age I am usually?
This has been asked and answered multiple times in our community so it's difficult for members to keep giving good, helpful answers over and over again about the exact same question. I ask you kindly to please refer to these topic threads listed below for advice on better knowing your little age and a couple of things you might want wondering that is typically associated with it:

Resource: Real-life age milestones for adult comparisons to children (not completed)

Community questions answers:
How do you know what your little age is?

How little and young do you act?

How do I know if I'm a little and what exactly it means to be a little?

What ABDL age am I?

Am I a little?

Age regression from a time in your life and littlespace?

How do I know my inner littles age?

How to start being a little

How do I determine my little age?

What's my age?

DDlg - How to be a little

Those topic threads are still open too so if you find you have information to share with the community please feel free to provide your input there as well!

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