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I hope I'm not the only one, but I really need some sort of light at night or I'm garenteed a nightmare.
I'm mostly hoping to hear from other littles that like or need a light & maybe some CG's that don't mind that sort of thing.

I like nightlights, but I don't need them. I'm scared of the dark, and they make me feel safe, but I can get to sleep same, either way, and won't have nightmares.

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The house I live in is pitch-black dark at night. (I'm not afraid of the dark - I'm afraid of what's IN the dark that I can't see!) Right after I moved in, I put night lights in every room: 2 in bedroom (it's a large room); 1 in each bathroom; 2 in kitchen; 1 in dining room; 2 in living room. It's still plenty dark in here.
I always need to rush from one room to another to put the light on, and if there is quite a way to go, I run. I sometimes have my laptop on to watch something before I sleep, so my room is nicely lit :3
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