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[align=center]Sweet Treats Points System[/align][/b]

In effort to encourage more open discussions on the forum, build community, and bring a little extra interactive spice to the site I've currently implemented a new points system. Here are some details you will want to know about it:

  • We are on a trial with the system.
    • If we don't like it, I can easily revert everything back and we can simply forget we tried it out! Please feel free to provide feedback by sending me an email at (no external contact methods allowed) or message me here.
      • Remember: If you don't send me feedback then I don't know what you think about it all; passively telling your friends, a moderator, or the chat room isn't telling me. I am the only person who has the capability to make changes to or outright remove the system. I haven't perfected my virtual mind-reading skill yet so, please, help me out and just tell me if you have feedback about it.
  • The term "Sweets" (as in sweet treats; confectioneries; candies) just means points.
  • There is no actual money or real-life currency involved with this system. There is no real-life monetary value applied to this system. You cannot buy or sell Sweets points.
    • If we discontinue the system then you will not receive any sort of compensation for the Sweets you had earned.
  • Everyone has started with 10.00 Sweets for creating an account here. Congratulations!
  • Sweets are automatically applied to your account immediately upon submitting a post. There is no waiting period to see the updated amount added or subtracted from your account.
  • You can share the Sweets you've earned on the site with your friends or use them to thank topic/post creators, but be aware that there is a 5% fee for transferring the Sweets to other members.
    • This fee is to discourage members from trying to abuse the system.
  • New topics and replies to posts in discussion areas (such as the Diaper Discussion and General Discussion sections) will earn you between 1.00 and 10.00 Sweets each.
    • Some areas of the site, such as the personals area, do not reward any Sweets.
      • If you post in a section and are not rewarded any Sweets then it's safe to assume that section of the site currently does not reward Sweets.
        • Certain sub-sections of forums may not reward Sweets.
  • When you make posts in the discussion areas (such as the Diaper Discussion and General Discussion sections) of the site there is a 5% bonus chance that you will earn extra Sweets.
    • Currently, you have a chance to win between 5.00 and 15.00 bonus sweets at a time.
  • If you post and it is removed or denied (generally due to breaking the community rules) from the site then you may lose the points it cost to submit the post. We will not re-issue those points. It is in your best interest to brush up on the community rules and adhere to them as closely as possible!
    • Using spam methods in attempt to bypass the character count requirement may result in permanent account banning so please only post if you have something to say.
  • In your User Control Panel there is a section for the Sweets system; however, please be aware that the area is not complete at this time. You will see many messages that portions of the system are disabled in your account. The system is active, but those specific features are being worked on (such as the Lottery system, Banking system, Robbery system, Sweets Shop, etc.) and are currently inactive. Do not worry about this section right now.
      • In the works: Virtual community lottery (a chance to earn a large sum of sweets through a raffle)
      • In the works: Advertising spot for your site, store, or shop (the ability to promote your external link through our site for a temporary amount of time)

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