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Long-term members will recall that we use to have two different, active chat rooms that separated conversation and discussion from roleplay and fantasy text play. Please know that after receiving many, many complaints about new members being lost in fantasy commentary that we are moving back to our former system for now. We need to make some compromises to that everyone, new members and long-term members, can be comfortable and happy doing what makes them most comfortable and happiest.

Here are some of the real complaints, many of which from users who deactivated their accounts for these reasons:
Chats a joke. Cant really talk. Why have a chat full of garbage? Not worth my time
[OtherSite] is better because they have real talk in the chat.
didnt know it was just rp
Dont understnad chat?
chat is weird
looking to meet people.....this chat is retarded..
wanted to chat not rolepaly
I'm sorry. I misunderstood. I didn't want to join a site for roleplay.
It feels like I'm always left out of chat because I don't rp with strangers :(
The problem with this site is chat. Everybodys so unfriendly because they're in their own world. Nobody would answer me about my problem because they were too busy pretending to throw glitter and fart.
I have dozens more!

I know that many times brief, minor roleplay is necessary to convey emotion so please know that those displays are absolutely welcome in the Conversation. If you want to roleplay out something specific (more than hugs, kisses, pats, condolences, minor affection, waving, suggesting you are laying down/sleeping/napping/bedtime to indicate to other chatters you're leaving chat for a bit to rest, giggling, laughing, whispering, or anything brief and specific to the active conversation or in attempt to create a real discussion/conversation) then please move to a roleplay room. This is a firm rule at this time, and if it changes in the future then I will update this information at that point in time.

This change means that these scenarios are no longer permitted in the Conversation chat room:
  • X Descriptions of playfully coloring on the walls
  • X Pretending to spread glitter around the room, roll in it, throw it at other people, ...
  • X Describing fantasy, make-believe rooms and scenery
  • X Roleplaying being in littlespace, rolling around on the floor, using diapers, toddling up to a caregiver for juice...
  • X Roleplaying as being a caregiver, picking up members, getting juice or drinks and snacks for other members, encouraging other members to describe fantasy, roleplay scenarios as if it were really happening
If you continue to ignore this rule then you will receive a warning and, ultimately, a brief chat room time-out* if necessary.
(*Time-outs are simply a few hours to up to 7 days, depending on how many warnings you have received, ban from the chat capability.)

Here are some generic examples of acceptable roleplay-like comments in the Conversation chat room:
  • Hugs
  • Waves
  • Grins
  • Frowns
  • Nods in agreement
  • Shakes head
  • Giggles
  • Coughs
  • Sneezes
  • Sighs
  • Whispers
  • Jumps up and down with excitement
I know that this was often misunderstood previously. In short, if you are looking to have a full-on make-believe dialogue where you are describing your actions and/or pretend scenery then that does not belong in the Conversations chat. Roleplay rooms and the ability to create them exist for good reason. If what you are typing does not contribute to some sort of real-world conversation then it may be best to move to the Roleplay room.

So, join the roleplay room if you want to roleplay!

It's extremely difficult to enter a live chat room and see only two or three people roleplaying when you're expecting to meet new friends you can learn from and grow with in the community. So, let's try to make people welcome by having those more personal interactions set aside in a designated area. Newcomers can then choose when they want to try to dive into roleplay scenarios and/or when they want to try to have a live conversation with the group about a topic.

The reason we are going back to this is simple. Our current Conversation room often becomes overwhelmed by make-believe, pretend text that does not lead to or contribute to active conversation. It is not a warm, welcoming environment to newcomers or persons not interested or comfortable in roleplaying. Having discussions and open conversation is much more beneficial to personal growth and connections than textual roleplay.

The excessive amounts of roleplay lately is often killing the Conversation chat room and the ability for other people to carry on a conversation of any sort far too often.

If you were not aware, you can be within two chat rooms at once on PC. On PC versions you will have a (+) beside the chat room name at the top of the white and blue display. Joining both the Conversations chat as well as the Roleplay chat should generally give you appropriate alters to new messages within both at the same time then. So, you do not have to outright leave one, foregoing notifications of new texts, to join the other! You can also create your own chat room when on the PC version.

So, if for some reason you cannot locate the Roleplay room in the chat then do not begin roleplaying in the Conversations room. Please create your own roleplay room. You have the capability to do that.
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