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Well first i mus say dat n my opinion u hab to hab been awoun kids. An is sua or tink everyone has (an we were all kids once ourself) but u weally to kno how dey behave. Because u kno dat a infant dosent weally tawk at aw dey develop dat u kkno dat a 7 yea old no hows to say no to things to and other natural things i think the knowin ur age thing only comes hard (first off only if u wan to be specific) wen u tryin to decided between 7 or 8 or 9 or between 4 or 5. Weally den it aw comes down to how u feel an wat u wan. I choose my numbers ik i act like a baby sometimes an moa of a lil girl oda times. So i picked a number as a baby 3 an ik wen i lil girl i not weally dat old to be able to do mos tings by myeslf only some. I like de num 7 so i choose seven.i choose dat num dats anada ting some doms will choose fo u so dont weally hab to figure out for urself den again its like i said its up to u
Honestly I don’t have a specific age. I usually skip around between 2-4, but I enjoy different thing about both. I use diapers and a paci, but I love watching movies, drinking from sippy cups, and coloring. It’s mostly what just make me feel smallest in the moment.
Yeah I've been struggling a bit trying to nail down an age too. I feel like I act like a young toddler when I'm really into it. I like diapers and my paci, and onesies, and other more babyish stuff. And sometimes I just babble and stuff, and like drinking out of a bottle. And really just want to be babied. So I sorta determined that 1 to 1.5 seems about right at those times. But other times I feel a bit older. Like I'll talk, but still in simple sentences and stuff. And I usually prefer to watch stuff aimed at slightly older kids.

Honestly I don't feel very adult, and never have, I used to try and remind myself that I was an adult, and was allowed to make my own decisions and say no to people and stuff. But it never really "took" haha. I honestly am starting to feel like I'm always little, and I can just act old enough sometimes to pass as an adult.

I think I went a little off topic, but I've really been trying to figure this out lately. :-?: And that's where I'm at right now.
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:stuffie: :pacy: Hello I have been in this dilemma for a while but I think am narrowing my little ages from 5_16 instead of narrowing it to let's say 5years ,I feel like this way I get to explore all the things the little me wanna do instead the of thinking ..what does a 5 year old me wanna do...idk if this helps :pacy:
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