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Anyone find an amazing AB baby bottle? I don't like the long nipple style. I have been cutting bigger holes in baby bottle nipples, but I'd rather just buy "The Best AB Bottle" instead of having to do a craft project to enjoy my bottle time. Thanks!
You could get an AB boobie bottle if you don't want one with a long nipple but I myself don't have a bottle (yet) so I guess I can't really give you many suggestions.
The only thing I could suggest is, search up AB baby bottles and look at the pictures to see one that suits you since I don't know what you consider "perfect".
By forgotten
Have you looked on Etsy? I love Etsy for AB gear!

Here is one that is an 8oz plastic baby bottle but with a big adult-sized nipple:

There are these 14oz, 24oz, and 40oz BPA-free plastic bottle converts that are designed:

These AB "My Bottle" versions are sold under many different stores and may be okay for something quick and affordable:

I like glass bottles so these 22oz ones with the silicone sleeves kind of catch my eye (these are probably my favorite ones from this list that I found but, again, mostly because I really fancy glass): &

I guess these sorts are kind of popular. This one is glass but has a livestock feeding nipple that is longer (which I don't personally like because it isn't realistic enough for me but maybe it's your thing):

Wearing Clouds sells their versions here: ... by-bottle/

Cuddlz version: ... e-or-pink/

Baby Pants versions have a variety of prints (even Mickey Mouse) and colours:
(A lot of these you can buy on Amazon too if you feel more comfortable: )

Rearz sells their versions here:
(Printed with handles):
(Zoo print):
(Better grip):

Rearz also sells a plastic 9oz feeding bottle with handles:

ABDLFactory sells NUK branded adult baby bottles too
Small size: ... for-adults
Large size: ... mmie-240ml

AwwSoCute sells what they call Boobie Bottles that are suppose to mimic breastfeeding with how it feels against your mouth and is silicone so soft and squeezable:

Recently I found a mason jar that had been converted to an adult baby bottle. It's kind of cute if you're into rustic things or want a larger size (16oz) without being too too large, and the weight of the glass might feel nice in your hands:

Sippy cup versions of the mason jar baby bottle:, check them out!
Holy COWS! Thanks for all this information. This is exactly what I wanted! I will look this over and I think I might try ordering from Etsy? I will try some and let everyone know how they are.. Soooo EXCITED! YAY! I also might try a glass one. I'll get a couple. I NEEDS LOTS!

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