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This is not something that someone, especially someone who is a stranger and is only given such few details about you personally without ever having interacted with you, is going to be able to help you identify with full accuracy. This is something you actually do need to do for yourself or have your partner help you evaluate on a deep level based on long-term interaction and personality evaluations.

As most will suggest, the general consensus is that it's how you feel. Only you know how you feel inside. Personal discovery, revelation, and understanding often begins with how you feel inside about yourself, and that's often not something someone can direct you to do or give you an explicit guide on how to experience yourself, about yourself and for yourself. Even if you don't realize it, you know yourself better than anyone else.

The question though that then spurs is that how does a biological ___ year-old person actually feel though. What does it actually feel like to be a child or to be a certain age? What are normal behaviors of a ___ year old person? What does a ___ year old person enjoy and prefer that is different than other ages?
These are referenced throughout many resources here and we have been working to compile a detailed description of such age-range behaviors, activities, and capabilities to compare yourself and your desires better. You should notice at the top of the link above that we have a developing section for real developmental milestones for littleage comparison to reference and have gotten a bit of positive feedback on it being very beneficial to many littles.

You may also find a bit of assistance in our breakdown of the different types of littles within Caregiver/little dynamics informational article that outlines age-range names.

Additionally, we've been working on a self discovery resource to help better answer this particular question in the community. You're welcome to check it out and see if it's of assistance to you and your personal revelation.

A lot of what being a little is will boil down to your own personal feelings, and asking yourself relatively simple questions while being honest with yourself throughout your discovery. Please feel free to use our resources available to understand and embrace yourself.

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