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This is a tough one, it may be hard for me to write about because depending on where you are this subject can vary greatly. The bottem line is this, you do not want to buy diapers from the store. Its embarrassing: you run the risk of being seen if you dont want to be, you have to bring the diapers to a person who may look at you funny, etc. the ideal way to purchase diapers is with the internet, stores seem to carry only the minimal of brands and the minimal of quality at that. So if you live in the uk, and you have a boots near by, they carry there own brand of diaper thats like a very good off brand attends. Attends is one of my fav. Diapers, so id be fine with that, as for north america, your kind of up a shitty creek with this. From my experience in north america witch is where i live now, ive yet to find anything in the store i can wear for more then a hour. If you are one of those die hard pe backed people, you tend to have 1 choice only, that is depends protection with tabs, it will get the job done, but i have to say, its really not the quality we come to expect when we been doing this ever for a short time. If you can do with not having pe backed (hey, a diaper is a diaper) then there will be many more options provides you shop around and get used to whats sold where. To be honest, outside of Europe, ive only purchased diapers in the store maybe 2 times in close to ten yrs. i always knew to be prepared, and even on vacation, would either bring enough or order more to where i was staying. If you are lucky enough to live in the state of illinois, Georgia, then i have better news for you, and look into this option even if you are no where near the two because from what i see these places are popping up. Abdl diaper stores! Thats right, they exsist, abdl friendly! And im about to write a whole different section about this so if you want to know more look for the post titled abdl diaper stores in north america.
Store brand diapers have become more and more useless over the years, from our recollection. It seems that discreetness has become much more important of a factor for big names such as Depends, that they have continuously reduced the facial functionality of their products, therefore the competition as well.

We do not believe that the main target audience is even aware of how these produducts should perform either, so, often the mass puts up with cheaply made diapers and going through more of them.

Anyway! As Heisenberg mentioned, the tabbed options are typically the best options. We have not come across any tabbed styles in a few years, but mainly because we have not gone out to look for them, as we do all our diaper purchasing online (ABDL premium diapers).

Regardless, there are techniques to enhance the absorbency of a diaper. One technique is called diaper stuffing, in which you line the inside of the diaper using a smaller diaper, to increase the overall capacity. To do this:
  1. Pirchase whichever adult diaper you are interested in wearing.
  2. Purchase either baby diapers or pad-like incontinence products.
  3. If using a baby diaper, then strip the diaper of the wings, the tabs, the leg-guards, leaving behind only the part of the diaper that is absorbant. Be careful not to rip the parts that could potentially leak diaper fluff in unexpected matters.
  4. On the exterior part of the baby diaper/incontinence pad, grab a razor blade and make long vertical cuts along the length of the diaper, about 1/2” apart.
  5. Open the target diaper, and carefully place the diaper to be used as a stuffer in the absorbent sode of the outer diaper.
We have not done this in a long while, so we cannot gauge the effectiveness of this method. But, if current store-brand diaper solutions do not meet your needs, and store-brand diapers are your only option, we would recommend at least trying the stuffing method.
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