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By minty

I got lots of stickers today! I almost couldnt find any lisa frank ones but i got lucky and there was a big sticker activity book by all the coloring books!
i got mine from hobby lobby! i think any craft store would have a good selection though
i also like buying stickers off of ebay, that’s where i got all my cute sanrio flake stickers
OMG i am so jealous of your massive sticker haul. i been trying to find somewhere where i can get loads of stickers for myself, honestly tho i have had literally no luck at finding any anywhere and it stinks.

also wish i knew a place where i could find some cutesy bandaids or plasters but again i cant find anywhere and was hopeing people on here might be able to give some tips or possible places to get these things.

Have you looked at PipSticks??? It's an online sticker subscription and they have a good variety every month (not affiliated, just s fan, lol).
Oh no.. Stickers on ebay and other sites. I will never get anything done now. Lol
I like getting the ones out of the quarter machines the best. I have a bag of quarters I take with me just for that. Is there a stickers anonymous group here? Hehe ;)
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