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Saturday starting at 6:30PM Eastern time
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All persons must be 18 years old or older to view, attend, or participate in this event!
  • Event Day of the Week: Every Saturday
  • Game Time Start: 6:30PM EST
  • Open to: All of our friends here at Littlespace Online!

Hey guys, so Rememorex is gonna happen every Sunday starting on December 30th. I will try and have it start at 6pm but sometimes I might have to push it back to 7pm but if on a specific Sunday I do have to push it back to 7pm I will try my best to tell people in the chat earlier in the day and make sure that at least one "regular" knows that it is being pushed back.
Now, you may be asking how do I join the game? There are two main ways to join the game. The first way is to contact me, I'll help you make a character and together we will find out how to introduce your character into the game. The second way is to read the character creation pages that I will be posting later on today, make your character, and show up in the Rememorex room in the chat (I will create this room a bit before each session starts) and join the game. For the second option it's not required to contact me first but I would prefer if you give me a heads up f you are joining the game/coming to the game.
Now that finals are over and I have found the book and notebooks after moving out of the apartment Rememorex will start happening again. We will continue on Saturdays at 6:30pm when possible, I do have a job this summer that might get in the way with this on some weekends. On those weekends I will not cancel it instead we will start at around 8pm (the lake where I work closes at 7:30pm and I hope that it will only take me 15 minutes to close up and another 15 minutes to get home). If we start at 8pm then the sessions will only be 1 and a half hours so that Jken still has time to set up for movie night.
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