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So like I've put on my bio, I'm a cis girl and while I'm comfortable with being female, even outside of littlespace, even with makeup and the whole nine yards, I've naturally been tomboyish. I've been a good mix of tomboyish and "girly", style wise, since when I was about 14. I even do drag as a drag king, so my more "masculine side" can breathe.
But when I regress, I notice that depending on my mood or just the day, that sometimes I want to be called "baby boy, or little prince" or sometimes, I feel like I'm somewhere in the middle of the gender spectrum. Is this unusual? Does this make me, well, invalid? I wanted to know if anyone else have/know of situations like this, and some advice for it! :pinkh: :pinkh: :pinkh:

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I don't think this is uncommon at all, I feel like the great part about little space is that you get to let go and be who you want to be. Personally, although I'm a male, and as a little I'm very much a boy, I've always seen myself as leaning more towards the middle. For the most part, im pretty boyish, but i like princess movies sometimes, and Ive always had long hair, that i would loooovvvvee to have someone play with haha. ::p: And in general I find it easier to get along with girls than (most) other guys. Even as a kid I'd sometimes play house or barbies with my little sister. And I used to watch a lot of her shows and stuff with her hehe.
So, no, it isn't unusual at all. And you are most definitely valid. There is no one way to be little, everyone is a little different, and have their own quirks and traits. So you shouldn't feel bad about being you! That's what makes you so special. :nodyes:

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