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:p2: Is Father's Day a day you celebrate in a special way with your Daddy as well? If you don't have a Daddy do you think you'd like to celebrate it with yours in the future?
If you're into gift-giving then do you or would you present your Daddy with a gift typically given to fathers from their children? :pres:

If you don't like the idea of celebrating it with your partner then is it just a personal boundary that feels uncomfortable, that you believe a separate special day should be celebrated instead, or something else?

What are your general thoughts on a little celebrating Father's Day with their Daddy? :p7:
I love celebrating Father's Day with my Daddy :) I call it 'Daddy's Day'. My biological Dad and I were never close so I never really got to celebrate it growing up but now I buy Daddy a 'Daddy' card from the store and sometimes if I have enough, I'll buy him a gift card for his fav store!

If I don't end up buying him something, I'll make the day special by making him breakfast in bed or going out with him for the day! I love doing it to show how much I love and appreciate him!
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