New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends. Not introductions!
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I met a woman online. A few years older than me but she told me about ddlg and how she's really into little space. I am super excited because I love it too, I just kinda always thought cute baby girl stuff was hot. And she's beautiful, amazing chest. We went out to see toy story 4 with her kids and talked. Went to claires at the mall. I want to buy her stuffies and put her hair up into pony tails. Cuddle. But I just started seeing her. And I couldnt bring myself to even touch her on the first meeting. But she says she's attracted to me. And she hasnt been in little space for a month now because no dom to help her. How can I help her? Im falling in love on snapchat. And I just want her to coo for me. She's [REMOVED BY ADMIN; please see our resource on appropriately stating one's regressive age] and very submissive. I need to be confident but this is my first time with a little. Please give me some advice! :sleep:
Welcome to the community and finding your Caregiver identity! I'm glad to hear that you're progressing well with your bond, that you have a physical attraction component to this blossoming relationship, and that you are actively seeking education about the type of person you're finding attractive.

You can find a number of very helpful resources here, and I would absolutely encourage you to read every bit of what's available:

It may also be helpful to ask your partner questions and for direction on what they believe to be true and most accurate for them and their regressive nature. A lot of couples join community sites to help open up conversations to share together and explore new information and ideas that help further their partnership.

I would also suggest that locating a healthy BDSM community with a heavy focus on education may be helpful when it comes to Dominant/submissive partnerships since it sounds like this particular person is involved in that separate community as well as the CGL (Caregiver/little) one. LittlespaceOnline focuses more on caregiving and regression and less on BDSM roles.

There are a few quick points I'd like to also say before you go further in your exploration. Please understand:

  • Being a little is not the same as being into BDSM, being submissive, or being k-inky.
    • A little can absolutely also be interested and involved in the BDSM community as well but it's important realize that these things are, on their own, separate. Not all littles are involved in BDSM or Dominant/submissive roles.
      • Littles are not necessarily "submissive" so please do not accidentally fall into the belief that all littles are exactly like the little you're bonding with now.
  • Being a little (or what we also refer to as an age regressor) is an atypical, uncommon personality trait.
  • Not all littles experience "littlespace" separately or have deep regressive episodes separately from their day to day life.
    • When we talk about this being a personality trait we're referring to the fact that there is often a low-level of constant regression and childlike tendencies occurring in the person's day to day life. It is much more than a person just enjoying cartoons (as a very general example), but it is the reason becoming engulfed in the cartoons is fulfilling and how that is more than just entertainment for that person.
    • It is not harmful to the little if they do not experience a deeply regressive or separate regressed time. There is no harm in not ever "being in littlespace", and a little should be seeking multiple methods of stress-relief and not solely rely on deeper regressive periods to reduce stress.
  • A person's "little age" or regressive age-range is generally mostly compared to that biological age-range.
    • If your partner lets you know that they believe their little age to be approximately 4-6 years old then it is safe to assume that many things they enjoy are marketed and targeted to that particular biological age-range.
      • You can absolutely search Google for activities, movies, shows, gift ideas, and more for any biological age-range through searches like: "Rainy day activities for ages [insert age-range]".
  • A little does not require another person to experience their natural regression, or what you know as "be in littlespace".
    • Active regression, or "being in littlespace", can be experienced in various levels, but a secondary person, including a person assuming a parental role or dominant stance is unnecessary to achieving the experience.
      • A little may appreciate the acceptance of a parental figure; however, their natural personality does not rely on another person.
        • A Caregiver cannot force a little regress.
        • A Caregiver cannot teach a little how to be a little or how to regress.
  • A deep regressive experience does not mean the little forgets their knowledge, experience, or natural maturation.
    • The adult individual is still an adult and will not magically transform to becoming mentally or physically a biological child.
    • Matured minds still may need additional stimulation.
    • A person should still be able to function and perform as necessary in situations such as emergencies.
    • The adult body still has adult needs and care.
  • Roleplaying as a Daddy/daughter couple for sexual gratification or motivation may not be linked to someone actually being a Daddy-type or age regressor ("little") within our community.
    • K-ink is not of someone's personality. K-ink is a part of someone's interests.
      • Being a little is not an act. While a little may engage in roleplay to assist them in self-expression, littles are not characters or roleplayers when it comes to them being a little.

  • A relationship is a relationship and it will logically take time to build and bond together. Do expect to have ups and downs, and to work as a team. Remember to communicate with your partner about your thoughts and feelings, and frequently also ask for theirs even if they are "submissive" or "shy" or anything that might feel like they are less inclined to speak out. Encourage them to be open and honest with you, and prompt them to express themselves so that you can stay on the same page.
    • Much "regular dating advice" applies, of course, and it doesn't hurt to brush up by seeking general dating tips for successful relationships.
Also, I have had to redact your statement regarding her age due to third-party misunderstandings about our community. Please be mindful in the future when stating a little's regressive age. I do absolutely understand this is new to you and this is why I am pointing it out now. Nobody is upset with you for not knowing how to state one's regressive age-range, of course, but we do strive to make it absolutely clear that we are not referring to biological children.

Best of luck in your exploration and education. I hope that everything goes well with the growing relationship and that you have a wonderful future ahead of yourselves.
Welcome to Littlespace Online!

It is really amazing on your part that you are being proactive about your current situation. It makes us happy to know that you are genuinely interested in taking part of the community and reaching out to others for guidance.

A little advice that we can give to you is that CG/L (Caregiver/Little- the overarching group which included DD/LG) is a relationship dynamic that is equitable to a romantic relationship. This means that, just as boyfriend/girlfriend and other terms are exchanged among couples with some sort of commitment, the words Daddy/Little girl and other related terms of endearment are meant to have value, meaning, and a verbal expression of a real bond.

As with Admin, we suggest that you talk about this lots with her! Ask her questions about her feelings and experiences. A few examples would be:
  • How did you discover DDLG?
  • What interests you or what do you like about CGL relationships?
  • How long have you been or realized you were a little?
  • How did you discover that you're a little?
  • What are some reasons why you identify as a little?
You can find more basic questions in this resource.

Keep up the exploration and continue having the conversations. We hope that you can discover your own feelings about this as well, and find fulfillment in your endeavors!
Thankyou both for your replies. I will take the whole age number confusion with outsiders thing under consideration. To be clear. She is in her late 30's in actual biological years. She finds comfort in mentally being around 5. I found out she likes stuffies and what kind. I'm thinking about making a gift bag. And i set us up a profile on our home. So I hope she likes it.she has an adult body, but her voice and

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