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hi! i need a little bit of help...

long story short, i masturbated while i was regressed and now i feel bad about. a "little" should not do something like while regressed, right?

i feel like a fake age regressor now. i feel so guilty because of it.
The physical needs of the matured body does not make one "fake". Stop beating yourself up over something that is very normal and natural. You did no wrong.

Please understand that adult bodies have adult needs, and it's acceptable--even appropriate--to take care of those needs periodically. There is nothing shameful about having an adult body and experiencing regression. One could even argue that a regressive episode may cause a little to be more inclined to take care of such needs with less hesitation since many littles feel regression is safer and less stressful. Biological children have little patience and self-control so it would be logical to believe a little, someone who feels like a child and relates to childhood more closely but has physically matured, would also act more impulsively and more innocently with choices they made, even with their body at times.

Remember that no matter how deep or immersive your regression feels that you do not literally turn back the biological clock and physically become a child again. Anyone making the argument otherwise is fooling themselves. Your body has experienced puberty. Your body has experienced maturation. Your body has experienced...experiences! Just as you do not forget how to spell or speak, how to count, how to read, how to walk, how to function as an adult individual in the case of a sudden emergency, your body isn't going to forget about what it's learned to be relieving, stress-reducing, pleasurable, safe, etc. You do not become another person, you do not erase your memories, you do not lose learned skills, and you do not forget how to function just because you regress or are regressed. Your body isn't going to just stop wanting certain things just because you feel childlike, and when you perform an "adult" task while regressed it doesn't have to be dirty, wrong, bad, immoral, shameful, or anything negative just because your feel immature and innocent at the time.

A little can absolutely perform self-care innocently, while actively regressed. Self-care can absolutely include sexual relief. Performing sexual-relief during regression does not make the regression itself sexually-centered.

Just to touch on it, a CGL couple+ can also engage in sexually-relieving situations together during the little's regression and it does not necessarily make the couple+ sexually-based, the regression sexually-centered, the situation BDSM-oriented, or the couple+ fakes. It can still be very innocent and a care task, bonding experience, and/or act of mutual love using the physical bodies of both+ adults. This can be something a CGL couple+ does as a way to share more adult experiences gently and in a way the little feels is safe, acceptable, and comfortable for them. There is no shame in that because all persons are of adult bodies and adult minds, regardless of regressive personality or feelings.

Many regressors do not experience their regression as a separate time than their everyday life. If it was "bad" that a little have physical needs to tend to then those people would be forced to periodically be "bad" even though they had no bad intentions. That would not be very fair.

A regressor is still an adult-bodied, adult-minded individual, capable of choice and having decision-making skills, and if they have decided that they want to follow the needs of their body during a time where they feel most comfortable and relaxed then I don't see anything strange about that. I do not see how that can logically be something littles are prohibited from doing, or expected to not do during regression, when that ties strongly to physical maturation. Being a little is personality-based, not physical-body-based.

It is truly, truly unfortunate that many within our community base a lot of validation on mimicking biological childhood so closely that adulthood becomes shameful at times. It is so important that we do not shame ourselves or each other for having physically matured, learned skills, or performed well as an adult-bodied individual with adult expectations. We should be celebrating the fact that a regressor has dealt well with growth and maturation, and has learned skills required to become an acceptable adult. We have to remember, and even embrace at times, that regressors are not biological children, and do not become biological children just because they feel, or have felt, regressed. We cannot turn back the biological clock or erase previous experiences, but we can embrace those and uplift one another by loving that littles are adults.

Be kind to yourself. You are the only you. You don't deserve to feel shameful for being you.
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