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Hiii! So im a switch thats 90% little, and i can get into infant but my general age is toddler, but my cg (who is also a switch but mainly big) he only knows about infant and neither of us know much about toddler an an i donno an jus need tips for like care an shtuffs
Regardless of what you believe is the age/age-range you regress to, how do you envision being ideally cared for by your partner? Write down those thoughts.

Whatever the answer (the thoughts you jotted down) is to that question is where you start with the one-on-one conversation with your partner so that you can come up with mutually fulfilling arrangements.

Please talk about this with your partner. Research the typical biological care needs of your estimate regression age and read about those things together. Brainstorm together about what makes you both happiest. Try things together that you both are interested in doing.

Try to be reasonable and realistic with your end-goal expectations of your partner. Parental care is often quite passive generally. Try your hardest to find mutually fulfilling things you can share together and focus on enjoying those things instead of longing for “more”. If you try something together and it just doesn’t work out then don’t dwell on that so that you can enjoy what does work out well for your relationship.

Also, be aware that you are still expected to reciprocate care and love to your partner. Please do remember to ask about their thoughts and feelings as a Caregiver, and do your best to make efforts for their happiness too. Caregivers are not just “givers” and littles are not just “takers”.

Best of luck!
We apologize, we don't think we understand the question. However, we advise you first to correctly identify what constitutes the Little Age that you are. Littlespace isn't about choosing a number. Littlespace is about having a childlike personality (along with feelings, thoughts, desires). A Regression Age is merely an effect of being a Little, as it's more of an abstract concept.
-LittleFox1 wrote:my general age is toddler, [...] and neither of us know much about toddler
We think that you and your partner would benefit by reading the resource:

What is my Little Age?

We also suggest that you discuss with your partner what you activities would seem most appropriate for each other., that make each other feel most welcome and comfortable.
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