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I know what you mean. I am in the same situation. I always had this childish part of me that I had at home. I loved my stuffed animals, cartoons, I have a full laugh when I find something funny.

At work I was a very dominant female because I worked in an all male envirment. You could not be see any other way. I was very sucessuful. Until one day, I was hit by a car. Then I had to give up what I loved. I had to learn how to speak again and everything.

But in that I also lost my child because the person who is taking care of me slowly got me to give up all those things. Just recently, I woke up and realized all the things I used to love like watching cartoons on Saterday morning are frowned on now. I'm looking at myself wonderig how this happened.

A guy online asked me if I liked being a little cause he liked it. I said no! Right away. Frightened. If I said yes, then I would open a space to me that is fragile and he could hurt me. I don't know to trust someone since I've been told to hide for so long. If I come out, what happens. I might cry. I know I would.

So I know what you mean. I know what it means to hide whats inside. To get hit under the table when you are behaving inappropriately. I hope you find your space. You have a better chance then me. :splode:

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As some small advice. Try getting a foot locker that you can lock and if you have winter clothes or summer cloth hide you little things underthem and lock your chest.they will only thing you are putting away clothes for the winter/summer and you can go in and pull you stuff out when they are not home.

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i actually wondered the same thing. i looked up a bunch of stuff and this girl on youtube explained it all. she said there was a littlespace merchandise account on instagram (i forgot what the username was, sorry) that could send you little things without a brand or address on the packaging. she also mentioned buying little things from stores like forever 21..she said that she bought something age appropriate and then a little thing, so if her parents asked her what she bought she could show them the age appropriate clothes instead of what she got with it. i hope this helped! :pinkh:

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