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I’ll get to the point.

I live with a few other people in the house. There are about 4 people in the house including me and all of us are guys. Actually there were supposed to be 5 people but 1 of us went home before the quarantine has started. So me and the guys are stuck here since most of hour hometown are too far and its not worth the risk. Everything was fine but I’m starting to feel a bit little here and there and usually I’ll just lock myself in my own room. But yesterday went super wrong and I was feeling too little and bored so little me thought that it was a great idea to go outside (of the bedroom ofc) And it didnt work. After opening the door I was just frozen and somehow reality snap back in time. Nothing really happened and the guys didnt even know about it since my bedroom was upstairs and they are hanging downstairs. But it still scared me and Im worried that I’ll just get braver and braver and I might do something wrong (which is DEFINITELY)

Other than that I’ve been wanting to get a new plushie since maybe it could keep me entertained for the moment. I’m just worried that when the package arrive, the guys will get to it first since I rarely ever get out of my room and we are used to just get each other packages. We also sometimes just open the package for each other since we are cool with it. I also did it so it hasnt been a problem. But this time is different. I cant get myself out this time since its quarantine and I cant say its for a gift or anything so my mind is blanking. Please tell me your opinions and ideas. REALLLY NEED HELP
Just as a super quick thought about buying a new stuffed animal: can you order it from a place that allows for a “gift message” (like Amazon) and write a little fib on it like, “Thinking of you during the lock-in. Love, Mom” to make it seem that it was a silly gift from a parent, aunt, or older person who still buys you stuffed animals and may just be reminiscing lately? If it was questioned you could say something like, “Yeah, that’s just like Mom. I’ll go call her and say thanks. She must be in her feelings lately about me growing up. I know this has been tough on her since I’m not home and she can be a worry wart.”
If “Mom” doesn’t work then maybe an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, former best friend, sibling, or cousin you “use to be close with” when you were kids.
So, I can understand the fear that a roommate or someone you just don’t want to be involved in your regression finds out. It’s definitely a personal space.

I think your fear is unfounded though. I think you have enough personal awareness that it’s unlikely you could approach one of your roommates while deeply regressed.

When you regress you aren’t turning into a different person or giving up control over your own mind and body for someone else to use. You aren’t transforming, You aren’t temporarily allowing someone else to inhabit your body, and regression is not a mental health disorder of having multiple personalities. You are always still you, but when regressing you are allowing yourself to express some thoughts and feelings you usually keep bottled up. You certainly can become immersed into this “littlespace” feeling, but reality is never lost.

When you opened your bedroom door you got your reality check. You were reminded of what is and is not acceptable for your setting. So, you adjusted accordingly, just as you should.

It is the nature of the human mind to at least become immersed into somewhat of a fantasy reality every now and again. It’s why people get very “into” watching a game and seem to lose track of their surroundings or the time that’s passed. It’s why we’ve created things like VR and 3D movies. It’s why we daydream. It’s why an artist or writer can get lost in thought while they’re creating their work.

It’s easy to get caught up in good feelings. We snap back to reality at some point though. We’ve had years, decades even, of developing multiple socially appropriate schemas for our personal, private, and public settings. You are “little you” and “little you” is you. You aren’t going to forget what reality is like outside of your regression schema.

So, the game ends at some point. The movie rolls it’s credits. We become hungry and take off the VR headset. The fantastical world comes to a close and we reflect how entertaining it was when we lost ourselves in it a little while. We were still always ourselves though, always very capable of snapping back to out actual reality pretty seamlessly, even if having a little disappointment.

So, I don’t think you have anything to logically fear. Your game ended when you realized your scenery had changed and you were relocating yourself. Perhaps you could apply a sign to your door to check yourself before opening it—because no matter how young or deep you regress to you aren’t going to magically lose skills like the capability to read.
Thank you so muchhh, this seriously assured me to a whole other level. I’ve thought it through and yes I agree. I can control myself even when Im too regressed or deep in thought. I think I should trust myself more and relax a bit. I dont know. Maybe the stress from the whole virus thingy is finally getting to me. Anyway, thank you so much for the help! I hope you are doing well through the whole pandemic.

P.S I did your idea about buying a toy through the Amazon gift thing. im getting the package this friday. hope everything is going well as plan!

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