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I am sucky at adulting. So, Hubby helps me stay on track through the day. Now that he's my official caregiver, I have Missions to do, Stickers to earn, and Rewards to buy! ... I don't want any punishments, just positive reinforcements. I'm a different kind of Little. ::3:

Check out the two lists. Any suggestions before we finalize the contract???

REMEMBER: Tell Hubby when something is bothering you and always be honest to him.
1. Don't talk bad about yourself and be true to yourself.
2. Lights on and awake by noon.
3. Take morning meds, brush teeth and hair, and be ready for work by 2pm.
4. 20 minute nightly exercise.
5. Shower and brush teeth.
6. Lay out tomorrow's outfit, take nightly meds, and lights out by 2am.
7. Wash hair and soak feet weekly.
8. Sort and organize your things weekly.
9. Dust and vacuum our bedroom weekly.
10. Be supportive of Hubby and show gratitude.

5 - Hubby reads a bedtime story.
10 ‐ Draw and color with Hubby.
15 - Game with Hubby (outdoor, board, card, pen & paper)
20 - Three movie marathon with Hubby, no cell/laptop.
25 - Silly photo shoot with Hubby and fun accessories.
30 - New Stuffie or stuffie outfit.
40 - New clothing item or accessory.
50 - Go to get a favorite dessert.
60 - Go to a favorite restaurant.
70 - Go somewhere special (entertainment venue, museum, library, a picnic, playground swings).
Personally, I would switch the desert and clothing rewards. Monetarily, desert is typically cheaper than clothing. Clothing will also last longer than a desert will, and 2 long-lasting rewards in a row before a short-term rewards could seem like a let-down.

Also, don’t let your rewards take the place of a regular date night. These should be “in addition to” rather than “in place of” or they aren’t truly rewards. You shouldn’t have to earn a regular date night.
Thankies! We'll talk about that and make sure that it's clear in the contract.
Micha5382 wrote: 2 months ago Ugh! I meant dessert every time I typed desert. Sorry!
I do that too! The way I remember it is that dessert is yummier, so I want to say the word longer and give it more love. Dessert, gets that extra S for its deliciousness! :-D
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