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I actually don't hide as much as you might think, I've established a way of hiding in plain sight. While I don't take the lifestyle to be a joke of any kind, in fact, I take little/big relationships to be more serious than most because you're in a much more vulnerable position right from the start no matter which side you identify as. But I blatantly tell my parents that I'm like a child. I started by colouring naughty words in these adult curse word colouring books with pencil crayons, something that they didn't really approve of, but considering I'd already threatened to tape up my creations all over the house for them to find, they just kind of gave up. But it hadn't been the idea of me colouring that agitated them, so much as the words, I was colouring. Then I'd regressed from colouring with pencil crayons to crayons then to colouring in children's books I'd gotten from the dollar stores. I hid them in plain sight, while I'd be colouring in a little lama's colouring and activity book, I'd have my adult colouring books stacked up on the table next to me. So it seemed less like hiding them so much as just having a variety to choose from when I pleased. Then I'd regress my clothing, I went from adult clothing to more eccentric cowgirl looks, to out there goth looks and over to cute looks, my fashion sense would change on a dime and I'd wear what I wanted to wear. I’d bounce around the house excitably and show off my new leather jacket, then later I’d show off the fluffy soft sweater I changed into for bed. I’d get gag shirts and then I’d get little clothes and just integrate them into my ever-changing routine of clothing until wearing a Pikachu onesie around the house was not the “oddest” thing my parents had seen me lounge around their house in.

I’d toss my stuffies on my bed in amidst the DOZENS of pillows and blankets already in it making my bed a whole nook of chaotic fluffy softness, and they hadn’t even batted an eye, in fact, they brought home two SQUISHMELLOW plushies, they’re these animal designed pillows and SUPER soft too. They’d brought them home from a trip to the states and had been sleeping with them since, making my habit of snuggling stuffies in my bed a natural and normal thing. I’d bought my mom these two-piece Christmas onesie pyjama sets, and robes a deer robe with ears and antlers and a gorilla zip-up onesie with a bright pink bow on top of its head. To my dad, it seemed a fun way to tease my mom, to my mom it was a funny gift that she’d worn around the house quite a bit just out of amusement. To me, it was a way to make my onesies, while still VERY noticeable in excentric styles, a little more acceptable. The diaper issue was resolutely solved with the integration of several bulk packs of feminine pads for menstruation. Taking an emptied pack they’d come from and shifting the diapers into that pack then tossing them in the bottom of the pile of other packages. Well, my mom like most women prefers to use tampons. But deciding that I would instead use pads, we didn’t see any need to share items in the bathroom, and it wasn’t even something worth looking into. Not that I find much difference between the two aside from shifting and wear. Then pacifiers were easy, they’re small so if you collect enough crap in your room then it’s easy to hide them in amidst everything else. I don’t share shoes with my mom because she can’t wear high heels and I have several pairs of stiletto boots. Toss the pacis in a baggie and stick em in an unused boot, there’s a pair or two that I will not wear EVER because of how loose their heels are, they’re practically dangerous. There’s also the boxes they come in, which it the method I use. I have some nice pairs of shoes and boots so I keep a lot of them in the boxes they came in, in which case, emptying one of those boxes and shoving items I don’t care for them to see is an easy trick as I can just shove the box on the shelf amidst the others. Or I have a hollowed-out book and some 3D puzzles I’ve put together that I can fit the binkies in and no one would be the wiser, and my parents aren’t rude enough to tear apart something I’ve spent hours to assemble just to snoop.

I also tease my parents by rubbing different kinks in their faces “I’ve decided I’m going to live like a kitten and go take a nap!” I declared this while wearing a subtle cat ear headband and acting like a child before scampering off to my room to do just as I’d declared I would do and took a long afternoon nap. When my mom told me I couldn’t wear the headband out on our drive back from the dollar store where I’d worn a gothic/rock style outfit with a choker and my thick hair in twin ponytails I pulled a couple of bow clips out of my dollar store bag and proceeded to stick them in my hair during the drive and quoted a friend of mine who told me in front of my mom that she liked my hair before self-declaring that I was cute and sticking the bows in my hair. It would be an understatement to say that my parents have been less than impressed by the things I’ve done, but I’ve slowly and in fact unintentionally for the most part of all this, weeded them down to the point that they have just dubbed me “The weird kid”. I act in bizarre and playful ways around my parents, often seeking to pull them outside of their comfort zones. I like to babble to myself and behave in ways that draw a lot of looks and attention all over. I don’t have to hide much of anything, only what I care to keep to myself at this point, so if it ever came out, it would be less of some deep dark secret and more of an “Oh… You didn’t realize that by now? -_- ???” Then I’d walk away carefree and offering them looks like “Well… guess you’re not the sharpest people out there, are you?”

And that! My friends… is the art of hiding in plain sight, just by shoving all my secrets right in front fo their faces and under their noses. :yes: ::p: :pres: :splode: :angel:
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