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I'm a new little and I would love to test some stuff out, mainly how I feel about bottles or sippy cups and diapers. The problem is, I live with my parents and they're almost always home.
Does anyone have some tip's on how to buy things (most likely online, since I don't know how to get adult sized diapers in my area) without anyone noticing?
Thank you!
By Deleted User 31498
If you're worried about them noticing packages being delivered see if you can have them sent to a friend who can hold them for you, or look into a P.O. box in your local post office.
I order my stuff from Amazon and mark that it contains a gift so they hide any information about what is in the box when they ship it. Other than that the PO box would be. A good optuon
amazon - ship to locker/lockbox/pickup location. you go there on your own time and punch in a code sent to your email or phone and you get your package.

UPS - hold for pickup. make an account on their website, put in your details (can lie about location but you do need ID to pickup) have the package held at a store, you go and pick it up.

Fedex - same deal, need ID but i think you can directly ship to a store no problem theyll hold it for so many days.

plenty of shippers offer deliver to a store like a food store, cvs, wallgreens, offering to hold packages too, depends on whos shipping it.

never tried USPS because they want home address first or require it to provide services for your area which im not comfortable doing. i want 0 chance its on my door step because they cant follow directions.

it costs a bit more for sure than economy shipping but absolutely worth the 0 risk.

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