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How did you all know you were a little? I know I am definitely a caregiver but I don't know about the little part. I'm a little lost and confused. I do know that I like playing sometimes as little but I don't think I fully age regress. What does this mean?
What does being a little mean to you?
Hmmmmm. i find that im just attracted to toys and activities. Childish thoughts cross my mind on a regular basis. I tend to react to situations differently then most adults around me. Even when i try an conceal my personality traits, they bleed through. i gets emotional easy but snap out of it very quickly or get distracted by something else. Even preschool cartoons entertain me.

But all in all everyone is different. Here is a link to another part of this forum.
"What is a Littlespace?"

This may help you identify or even find things you like.

"How do you know if youre a little?"

keep in mind you could be mis identifying and could be older. Like liddle(i may have mixed the terms, but idea stands).

"What is my little age?"

I hopes this helps :splode: Good luck
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