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Good morning!
How are you? Everything is fine? It's been a while since I wrote here, hehe.
I wanted to ask you one thing: I would like to start creating a little routine before bedtime. I noticed that I really struggle to fall asleep, and I often get agitated in doing so so maybe I thought that doing comfortable activities could be useful, the problem is that apart from a good story, which never fails, I have no other ideas ..; ;;
Thanks in advance, and I hope it's not a strange request!> <
Bye bye!
hmmmmm something I always like is a drink like warm milk (almond or soy usually) in my favorite mug, a nice bubble bath, maybe using some of the night time themed lotions and facial wipes, getting into your favorite jammies, wrapping up in a big fluffy blanket with a favorite stuffy, putting on a movie that brings you down (like to a place of calm), makes you feel cozy, for me thats like a halloween special of a kid's show, maybe watching it in a blanket fort, I know you mentioned storytime, idk if you read it yourself or are read to, or use audiobooks, I have found a lot of great ones on youtube. I know those are small little things but I hope it's a start :sick: :stuffie: :sleep:
Bye! Thank you very much for your advice!> <That I have already marked myself, eheh! My favorite stuffed toy is a soft tortoise, so I really think I could use that. Halloween? For real? How wonderful!!!! My favorite shows are the My Little Pony episodes: 3
I think I could buy a cute mug! Maybe, it could help me more!
Thank you again, really! And I am more than sure that, with these little tricks, the nights will become more pleasant! :hugs: :sleep: :shuff:
I like coloring in a coloring book; or finding stuff in my Highlights Hidden Picture book while listening to relaxing music. Sometimes the music is instrumental lullabies, or it could be relaxing yoga stuff. I like doing this in bed before turning out the lights.

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