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@Babbles, I'm 20 and have a very similar experience, with hiding from myself and toxic people around me, also the rare chance of slipping and still being very aware. I either wait until I'm all alone or go somewhere, typically in my room (which I have made a pretty closed-off safe space) where I know ill have at least a little privacy and watch some cartoons or something and color. It helps a little but maybe once i work through excepting the fact that I'm little myself it'll be a way better experience. I'm also open for expertise and guidance if anyone is willing to give any.
My family also knows but constantly demeans me for it and acts like they are better than me, but I don't let it bother me too much and will just ignore them if I can. I now have enough little things that help me more, but I still need to learn to trust my little self so that we can relax and be happy.
As for hiding stuff, I have cabinets that I can lock so I keep my little stuff in there but before I would hind things under my stuffies, behind books, in my bag pockets, and wrapped up in shoes or in my hats and clothes drawer.
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