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Hello beautiful people, we need your help.

We are building a nursery fit for Littles from 0-12 months old (max) in Littlespace. We have been looking around for the furniture. We want to make it a beautiful nursery that looks beautiful, feels authentic and is ideal for young ones as small as we are. We are also looking for pieces of furniture for around the house.

For the nursery:
  • Crib.
  • Changing table.
  • Rocking chair.
  • Tall dresser.
  • Nightstand.
For the rest of the house:
  • High chair.
  • Bassinet and/or cradle.
  • Co-sleeper (that attaches to the side of the master bedroom's bed).
We are most concerned about the crib, as it will definitely be the heart of the project. So far we have not found anything appealing. The prettiest cribs we have found are: Image
Though we are very picky and do not exactly like the painting on it, we love the shape of it.
Not an AB crib but still adorable!

A few themes that we have in mind:
  • Carrousels and horses (a bright room with pastel colors, pink and blue, mostly).
  • Angelic clouds (a very light room with light gray/light blue undertones).
  • Shaggy chic (very soft and soothing colors in a darker room).
We also have a tendency to like retro-looking furniture, stuff from the 1950's and before.

We are aware that there are a few AB furniture carpenters out there, like: We are exploring our options. We believe that in the end we will have to have our furniture commissioned, as we want all pieces to match and go together.

Any ideas on where to get the perfect AB furniture for an angelic nursery? Does anybody know of anybody who is willing to take up on such a project and is skilled to meet our demands?

Thank you all!
Hi! I know this post is a little dated but if you are looking for AB furniture, I am about to open shop finally as Sleepy Fox Furniture based in the US. I would be happy to show some of my products and customize to your needs.

I've attached the crib and high chair I just delivered recently to a client and would love to do some work for you!
I've been trying to find basic baby furniture but can't find anything under $1,000 I don't have alot of money to work with so been looking for used or blueprints to build from scratch just need crib, changing table and highchair designs since it will be easier for me to get the supplies to build them rather than pay almost $3,000 for pre-made furniture
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