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i've been regressing for five years. i've tried to introduce my ex-boyfriend to this side of me when i first started regressing but, he was a bit weirded out. we ended up being too different for each other. i've never tried to find a caregiver since and it's been fine. however, lately i've been feeling kinda lost and a little lonely. i find myself craving dom attention, whenever my friends do even the smallest things (like fix my clothes) i just :craze:
how are the littles without cg's doing it?? or even, how do the littles with cg's find them???
Hi! :hi:

I'm sorry to hear that you feel that way, no little should feel lost nor lonely. Until recently I've been a little without a Caregiver and last year I made a couple of changes in my life that improved my situation significantly.

You have to show yourself. I know this one is difficult and everyone should do it at their own pace but showing your little side in small doses made a huge difference for me. I started being 24/7 in my flat carrying a plushie or not hiding myself whenever I'm watching cartoons. My flatmates, they don't even know what a little is but they've noticed how happy things like gifting me plushies or giving me a kiss in the forehead before going to sleep make me. And still, I don't let my little side taking full control in front of them (because I'm scared) but still, having those small details already makes a difference. And finding the right people is difficult and takes time and you might get so bad reactions from some people but if someone doesn't like that side of you they are not worth keeping anyway but progressively the right people are going to stay around.

Way easier things that you I do by myself that help is Age Regression ASMR a video about a someone tucking you in bed with you plushies is always good.

Hope my tips help a tiny bit, a big hug for you and a kiss in the forehead for you :stuffie:
i get so happy to hear littles living their lives the way they want to, it really makes me feel like i could too. so thank you for this, i will do my best in being smol :3
my friends seem to be okay with how i am, they even baby talk to me. hopefully i will be able to develop a closer relationship like yours.
i tried out the ASMR, and let me tell you. i slept like a baby (lol). also had no idea those were a thing! so thank you for that as well!!

your tips have helped a bunch, i will forever cherish this virtual hug and forehead kiss :hugs:
Regression is a super personal journey and finding the right support can be tough. It's okay to feel lost sometimes, especially after a significant change like a breakup. Regarding finding a caregiver, it's all about connecting with someone who genuinely understands and respects your needs. Maybe explore online communities dedicated to regression? They can be great for advice and even meeting potential caregivers. Just remember, there's no rush. It's important to find someone who's a good fit for you.
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