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I'm currently a "stay at home gf" and i always get super lonely and sad when my caregiver leaves for work which is overnight. Its hard going into my little space when they're around but i always slip into it when they leave for work. I kinda sad now so Idk... any tips/ tricks

The sad part is, that the only thing you can do is trying to comunicate about your feelings. Not necessarily with your caregiver if you feel like that would have manipulative characteristics to it, of course. But it is important to let those feelings go from time to time, especially when they start invading your happy place. Find something that reminds you of your significant other. Something that gives you the feeling of presence that your heart seeks in that moment. That could be a lot of things, like the last shirt they wore draped over a pillow or something else. Comfort and coping are important skills that are different for everyone. What soothes we might be upsetting you and so on. I for one wish you the best in that regard.

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