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We have gotten a few people now that the site has been alive for about 6 months who have wanted to delete some of their data. A couple have wanted a full account closure while a few here and there have wanted specific posts removed from Littlespace Online.

Please know that we do not delete data unless it is necessary. If it doesn't break laws, violate rules, or cause any harm to others then we will not be deleting your posts.

If you would like your account deleted or deactivated (yes, your posts and username will remain on the site) you are welcome to do just that within your own account settings (check out your user control panel for the feature). Your profile will then be marked as having been created by a now-inactive account so other members won't be contacting you or anything of the sort. In short, your profile itself will be inaccessible but your posts and username attached to them will still be archived and accessible. You will no longer be able to access the site through that account at that point.

With that note, we will not delete your account for you since you have the feature to do so yourself in your user control panel.

We take privacy and security very seriously here due to the nature of the community subject, potential misunderstandings that may attract people who need to be reported to police officials (which, we do our due diligence and report suspicious persons to the authorities for their review and potential investigation if they deem necessary), and age requirement connected to some legalities. Accounts are not deleted for I.P. tracking purposes in the chance of abusive behavior being exchanged through private messages (something we do not have access to unless specifically reported by the sender or recipient). Deactivation keeps the I.P. and account name logged in the system but only accessible to the administrator and moderator accounts for times of reported harassment.

If there is personally identifying information in a post that links to your non-kink, non-ageplay life then we are more than happy to remove that bit of information for you. (No, the post won't be deleted or removed--we will only edit out the specific personal details.) All you have to do is report the post and explain what exactly needs to be removed so that we can review it and make appropriate alterations.

Also, if you choose to delete your profile then please be aware that we have absolutely no way in retrieving your old account data. This includes profile information as well as messages to and from other members.

The reason that we maintain the policy of not deleting post content is because we want to remain alive and helpful to people finding our site through search engines. When search engines see that we've deleted content then they feel we're less trustworthy--that a user could see something here one day and then it could vanish off as if it had never existed the next. It's difficult to help users get their questions answered if we're constantly deleting posts.
  • If you have personal data (your real name, your location, your email address or contact information) in a post that you need to have removed then simply flag to post and let our moderators know what is of concern within the post. Be specific on what exactly needs to be edited out of a post.
  • If you need to change your username because it's attached to your personal details elsewhere online then contact the Admin. directly and we can discuss it further to have that taken care of for you.
As you may have realized, we do edit out some personal information in posts that can be easily added to member profiles. We feel that removing things like usernames for chat programs from specific posts lets users be more in control of what they are giving out on the internet. Posts cannot be edited after some time but your member profile can always be altered by you. Profile information is also only displayed to other members--meaning, casual browsers do not get the option to view your profile without actually signing up and joining our site.

Last note: If you're so desperate to have your account or posts deleted for some reason then please do not begin to spam the site. Accounts and real user posts are not deleted because of spam posts. Those accounts are only banned and the material on the site still remains available. You're just wasting your time.

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