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:omfg: Has anyone slipped into little space when they're supposed to be big? Or is that just me? It happened at work while I was running the kitchen. A chicken tender looked like a dinosaur and I made it rawr. Daddy thinks it was cute. I'm embarrassed. One coworker won't let it go and keeps making fun of me. :tears:
By teddyNdummy
Some people seem to be good at compartmentalising their little and grown up sides. Especially those who 'became' little later in life. I think for those of us who have basically always, always been little, it's more difficult. I don't 'decide' to be little when it's convenient, my little side just sorta comes out... sometimes can't stop it. Certain triggers can cause it to come out at inopportune moments.... it has happened to me at work, in front of others... I am known to be a bit 'silly'. I blow raspberries to people at work, I make pouty faces, I get excited over glitter (and pens and paints and... well, most stationery in general!) I make smiley faces with my food, I get excited when I hear disney songs, I sing silly songs while doing things like cooking, I point blank refuse to wear plain black socks (even if my work uniform policy says I have to!)... so yeah, my little side does come out. In the past I tried to hide it... but now I just let it out. Nobody knows about my 'little' side, I just act silly. And I have to say I've never been embarrassed about it! If I made a chicken dinosaur roar at work, I would be proud of it! hahaha!

So.... no you're not the only one, don't worry! Embrace it! If that co-worker makes fun of you again, tell them you will get your dinosaur to bite them!! That'll teach 'em!

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