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I think I am kind of a brat. So I typically get punished often. :P With long distance daddy's they usually take away things, like tv time or chu chus (pacifiers). Sometimes spank myself, but that one is really hard for me because I'm not going to hurt myself, you know? I've heard of some that make their littles write lines. Those are the only ones I know. :craze:
It depends on who you know and what you have. If you know someone near your little who can enforce your rules, and is comfortable with it, then you can absolutely do physical punishments. You can also take away play time(sexual) if you have that relationship. But never ever take away things your little uses for comfort. That includes pacifiers, blankets or stuffies. And after each punishment, you have to have aftercare. The last thing a good cg wants is for their little to think their cg hates them.

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