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By admin
You can create your own chat room or roleplay room through the chat by following the instructions in the program itself. Basically, you should look for the ( + ) and click it. It will let you create a name to display to everyone, lock it with a password if you want it to be private, and offer a few more customization options.

User-created chat rooms are not strictly monitored by the moderators or administrator. If you find abuse in any of these chat rooms then you should use the report feature or take screen shots to manually report them to the team for review. Our chat room and site rules still apply to those rooms though so please keep that in mind! (Keep dating ads out of them, do not share your external chat or social media names or links, do not use our system to build external groups, etc.)

As of currently user-created chat rooms last for 14 hours before expiring. They expire so that the system is automatically cleaned of old chat messages and we don't fill our server database faster with chat logs. You are more than welcome to create a new room if it expires! Please know that the admin and moderators are not removing chat rooms when this happens. It is an automated process. It does not mean you did anything wrong.
If the 12 hour limit needs to be extended we are more than happy to discuss that. Please write your comments about such to littlespaceonline @ !

Here are some suggested reasons as to why you may want to create your own chat room:
  • You want to chat with only a specific group of friends you've met in the community
  • You want to introduce your friends to each other (remember, you can set a password so it's a private group)
  • You want to RP alone, with only one or two people, or through a specific scene
  • You want to avoid the current main chat room conversation
  • You want to discuss a very, very specific topic that you don't believe the rest of the chat will want to engage

* Note: The feature to create new rooms does not exist in the mobile application at this time yet.
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