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By TiniestLittlegirl
I am 4'11" and 80 lbs, so i am very small. So small that i don't fit into any little-for-big stuff. But i'm too big to fit into actual childrens' onesies. As I was talking to a new friend of mine on here, they brought up this suggestion of creating a forum to see if anyone would be so kind as to custom making me a onesie. I will gladly pay for it of course. Doesn't have to be detailed. Can even be just plain. but i have been dying to have one. please help if you can :splode:

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A lot of Japanese or Korean Lolita style clothing shops online would be a good place to look, they always have pajamas and rompers and other things like that which have prints of children-oriented things like teddy bears, stars hearts bows and et cetera. Also, their sizes run much smaller than UK or United States sizes because they tend to be lean and petite people. If you haven't already tried any of those, I would try those places. As far as custom onesies or footie pajamas I know there are at least a few shops on Etsy. :)

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