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I've only recently been diagnosed with high functioning autism, although knowing what I know about it now, it seems pretty obvious. I have a bigger appointment coming up, with a more thorough diagnosis. And I agree that a lot of being little, for me, is just feeling free to be myself. :nodyes:
And I definitely agree, i have a hard time differentiating between "Am i like this because I'm a little, or because I'm Autistic." There seems to be a big overlap in between the two for me. :-?:
I wasn't officially diagnosed with autism because some of the symptoms mix up with a bunch of my other disorders but they (my family) is pretty sure I am high functioning even though sometimes it feels like I am barely functioning. I have never meet anyone else with autism especially other littles.:>.<:
Yup, add me to this too. I was diagnosed with autism as a baby in addition to ADHD, chronic anxiety, and sensory processing among other things. The main things that carry over into littlespace are my special interests/obsessions, anxiety, and sensory processing.

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