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This year marks a celebration of three years wearing cloth diapers 24/7. My last post was made only after seven months and there are so many things I've learned.


Pros: What's good about cloth diapering and why you might want to try it.
-Most cloth diapers produced today feel comparable to disposables. Many also wick just like disposables, bringing liquid away from your skin.
-Cloth diapers are breathable and cooler feeling than plastic disposables for use in hotter climates.
-Mild crinkling effects can be achieved with cloth diapers by using appropriate plastic pants (they are definitely not as crinkly overall though).
-Cloth diapers are the thickest diapers available, which is great for that "I can't close my legs" kind of feeling.
-They are comfy. Like a pillow between your legs.
-They come in a variety of colors and patterns and styles to allow you to stand out as a Bab.
-Eco friendly.
-Cloth training pants are not lame granny panties.
-They are extremely cost effective. One diaper from a reputable company will last you for years if taken care of properly. Disposable diapers are literally throwing money away after one use.

Cons: Why cloth diapering might not be for you
-They are less absorbent than high end disposables. If you want to be swimming, try peekabus.
-Changing is required more frequently with some styles of diaper because rashes can be more frequent (especially with diapers/training pants that don't use wicking fabrics). Training pants are notorious for this. This is negligible with many styles of diaper, such as AIOs.
-Laundry requirements when using your diapers are much more intense than a standard disposable and require more forethought for care and storage.
-Cloth diapers are slightly harder to take into public due to the fact that you must take clean diapers in and carry dirty diapers out in wet bags.

Fabrics: What are these things made out of?
-Flannel is a good, warm, and generally absorbent fabric.
-Birdseye cotton is absorbent and comfortable.
-Microfiber cotton is a generally absorbent and standard fabric for cloth diapers to be made of, especially AIOs. This fabric wicks okay.
-Hemp bamboo is a very absorbent, wicks well, and is a comfortable material generally good for soaker pads.
-ZORB is the highest absorbency fabric on the market, wicks well, feels good, and is great for soaker pads.
-Plastic pants and waterproof fabrics come in a variety of choices. PUL fabric is very breathable and cool feeling while other fabrics such as rubber or PVC are good for their crinkly or aesthetic qualities.

Styles: What kinds of cloth diapers are on the market and what are their properties?
-Prefold diapers are a strip of absorbent cloth that must be pinned or snappi closed (highly recommended over pins). They require a cover or plastic pants.
-Prefolds also may come in a standard hourglass shape and may have Velcro, but usually still require a cover or plastic pants.
-Pocket diapers are a diaper cover with a sewn in pocket that can hold soaker pads. They are generally waterproof and can be worn without plastic pants.
-All in one (AIO) are a diaper cover with built in soaker pads which is generally waterproof. Upsides to AIO over pocket diapers is that they are self contained and can have their absorbency upgraded with additional soakers in the same way pocket diapers can.
-Pins, snappies, velcro or buttons? I generally prefer Velcro closures over all other types to get a snug feel that conforms to the body. When using Velcro, always use laundry tabs, or stick the Velcro to itself to prevent the Velcro from wearing out in laundry machines/dryers. Buttons have upsides that many companies that use buttons produce one size fits all diapers that can be buttoned to the appropriate size (smaller or larger).
-A general tip is to know your exact waist size because many companies/sellers produce diapers in different sizes than standard sizes.

Washing instructions: Everything you wanted to know to become a laundry wizard
-New cloth diapers must be washed several times to bulk up and achieve max absorbency.
-Typically I wash on the cold setting and dry on medium to low heat. However I have sometimes been lazy and dried them on high heat if my dryer doesn't have a setting for that with negligible negative side effects. Plastic pants, wet bags, and diaper covers should usually be hung to dry to maintain their strength.
-Never ever wash your cloth diapers using a soap that includes fabric softener. Do not use dryer sheets that include fabric softener. Cheap soaps available from most big box stores are a big no-no, unless you want your diapers losing their absorbency. Soaps such as Mrs. Meyers, rockin green, tiny bubbles, or other cloth diaper safe detergent are fine.
-Stripping fabric softener is necessary if there is a buildup after using the wrong soap. Soak your cloth diapers in blue dawn dish detergent for thirty minutes, agitate, and rinse well. Rinsing is especially important as blue dawn will foam in washing machines, leading to possible sitcom style hijinx.
-Stripping soap buildup can be done by washing your diaper several times on the hottest setting available. Soap buildup can be avoided by using commercially available water softeners such as calgon.
-Smelly diapers can be treated with things such as bac-out, odo-ban, or other laundry disinfectant at the time of changing and storing as well as treated with baking soda when putting it in the washing machine. This will leave your diapers smelling fresher.
-Do not launder messy diapers without removing the mess using a toilet wand or some other means of washing and disposal.
-Prerinse your diapers at time of changing to keep your diapers from developing harsh smells over a longer period of storage til laundry day.
-Wet bags are your friends to store dirty diapers til laundry day and can be found from a variety of sources.

Usage notes: Tips and tricks to get the most out of your pamps
-Try stuffing several soaker pads into a diaper to achieve a thicker and more absorbent experience.
-Plastic pants and diaper covers are great for dealing with potential leaks.
-Enjoy increased notoriety as the only Bab at the party rocking a cloth diaper.

Cloth baby wipes: For true hipster mom status
-Cloth baby wipes are also eco-friendly and can be made to smell like whatever sweet thing you wish. They generally leave me feeling cleaner and fresher than standard wipes and can be thrown in the wet bag along with the dirty diaper when changing.
-Cloth wipes can be found in the cloth diaper section of big box stores, purchased online, or fashioned at home with spare cloth or towels.
Here is a recipe:
-10-15 cloth baby wipes
-1.75 Cup distilled water (Tap water is a-ok)
-2 Tsp witch hazel
-1 Tsp castille soap
-2 to 10 drops fragrant body oil (usually picked up from the vitamin section)(I love lemon but you can mix and match your own favorite scents)
  • -‎-Mix fluids in a Ziploc bag then add baby wipes. Absorb as much fluid as possible. Then wring out gently while retaining a decent amount of moistness.
    --Place in an airtight container until use. I use a pelican case, but some tackle boxes are airtight as well
    --Keep in mind that some body oils are stronger than others and may cause adverse sensations (such as mild burning) if too many drops are used. Test your body for these effects by using less drops of oil to start with and work up to a desired level of scent gradually.
    --Never use oils intended for potpourri or for use in rooms. Only use oils intended for body creams, powders, etc.
    --Additionally adding a tablespoon of aloe vera has been noted for skin soothing, however I have trouble finding aloe vera liquid that doesn't require refrigeration.
Where to get them: How do I get in on this action?
Note: I am an american so unfortunately I'm about to give off a bunch of American shops that may not ship out of the country. What follows are the names of some of my favorite companies or etsy sellers that sell decent merchandise which I would recommend to other people for their sturdy construction and cute looks.

Training pants:
-Baby pants
-Etsy: Big tots

-Happy endings cloth diapers

Plastic Pants:

And that's everything I've learned in three years...

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