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KymperCuddles wrote: 1 year ago Hiya~
I have two friends on here, but I can't message them. I really need to talk to someone. What do I need to do to start being able to PM?

Private message capabilities on the board (separate from the chat system) are extended to Site Supporters at this time. Only Site Supporters can send and receive messages on the board itself. If you wanted to carry on a conversation through messages on the board then you and your friend(s) would need to become Site Supporters. In short, all members can read board messages they receive, but only Site Supporters (+ admin & moderators, of course) can send messages through the board. This was addressed in our update announcement 7 months ago. You can support the site through this page.

Private messaging capabilities through the chat system is permitted between friends and online persons in the chat room. I would suggest you add your friends that you'd like to instant message with as friends on the board so that you can see their online status. Adding another member to your friends list is a board feature. Please see this help topic for some instructions.

If you should have received Site Supporter status but have not yet then I'm sure I've just overlooked the notification previously. Just pop me a quick email and I'll apply it as soon as possible!

Unrelated Topic:
The message you have in your profile about legally not allowing persons to copy parts of your profile or use your images does not stand up in court and is not legally enforceable. My legal advisor instructed me years ago about this and had me write into the Terms of Service here a line very similar to that so that it would automatically cover such potential situations for our members here. I've also placed an important line on the footer of every single page.
Really, you don't need to say that here, and on other sites you shouldn't place your faith that it actually means anything. Even that adult interest site where all of those problems really originated, as well as the idea to encourage others to place that on their profile, eventually received advice to place this information into their Terms. It boils down to the website owner's responsibility in terms of what is legally valid.
You might just be wasting your profile space or coming off a bit more naive for those of us who are familiar with that situation and some website legalities relating to it. I just thought you might want to have it brought to your attention in case you were really relying on that statement to legally protect you. I wouldn't want you to or anybody else to fall into trouble because they believed in something that gave them no protection after all.
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