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Im new to this as well. I just told my husband yesterday. I was terrified. I suck at explaining things and staying on task without rambling so I wrote down some key points I wanted him to know. There is also a really great article on this site. Go to educational articles and scroll down to how to tell your partner. I would read all the articles if you haven't yet. They are very informative and have helped me understand myself. I was reading and it all just clicked and felt right. Anyways rambling lol. Idk how long you have been together but my husband said he had already noticed my regression even when I didnt. Maybe your bf has kinda known as well. He took it pretty well but then felt like he was doing something wrong to make me be this way. I explained that wasnt the case and showed him this website so he could read the articles and maybe help him understand more. Just gather all your information and what you want to say. I hope everything turns out great for you but just know if it doesn't then everything will eventually be ok. It will suck and hurt but after awhile you will be able to move on and find someone who will love and care for you just the way you are. There is nothing wrong with you!
I just went through telling my boyfriend about being little a month ago. I was so terrified!! He is amazing and is the very first person I’ve ever felt could be a Daddy for me (I’ve known I was little for 10 years and never ever had a Daddy or Cg, although my biological Mom has been very understanding and supportive) I definitely agree to use the educational articles here to help you explain, they were a huge help for me! Not only was my boyfriend very accepting once he understood, but he also pointed out that he already had seen it. Honestly once he said that I realized he has already started doing small things that encouraged and supported my little tendencies (I’m never really out of little space, mom says I’ve always at least got a toe in the water). It took a couple of weeks of research and discussions and answering a lot of questions but he fully accepts me being little and enjoys it. He’s happily become my Daddy and tries everyday to be the best Daddy he can be, although he already is the best! The big talks aren’t easy, and kind of stressful but honestly it felt so good to be able to show all of my true self. You might try printing out things that explain what being a little means and highlighting things that are specifically about yourself. We littles are all beautifully different, we like and experience different things. Knowing things that are particular for you and not just generic information helps them understand more and makes it more personalized and less confusing. I hope your boyfriend will understand and accept you as much as mine did. Also you might encourage him to talk to someone who has experience with littles that can be trusted or talk to them yourself for advice. My bestie happens to be a Mommy and gave me really good advice when I was preparing to talk to my boyfriend. Good luck!! :heart:
Thank you so much for your support! It means a lot to me!! I've began to act like a little around him and he's seems to enjoy it so far.... I just need to tell him what it means I'll definitely print out some stuff and highlight it! It's a brilliant idea and I'm sure he'll understand me better by doing that. Thank you so much!!! <3
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