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Hi all, I'm new here and have an important question. How do I tell my boyfriend? Or more so do I need to tell him? I have, with out realizing, regressed around him more than once, he thinks it's cute and that I'm just being girly but it's more than that. He hasnt seen me color or watch kids movies (ect.) but I have slipped into the mindset before. Hes super accepting and hasnt pushed me away for any of my other not so main stream ideas and ways of life but I'm scared this would be too much for him. Honestly, while it is apart of me I kind of just want to hide it and not give him a title for it. In my past relationship I had told my ex while we were together and he got really weirded out by it and I tried really hard to explain in a laymens terms type of way. Recommendations please, this is a tough one.
Oof... That is a twicky one... I guess I never had that issue with Daddy. He just kinda knew. I wouldn't give him a title yet but don't be afwaid to be wittle awound him. :heart: Start smalls wike cowowing (coloring) and dwessin wittle if you has that stuffs. If he asks then give hims a title n send him heres. If he is wight for yous den he wills be otays with it. If nots then he isn't the daddy for you. :heart: :yes: :pinkh: :bheart: :pheart:
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By admin
You don't need to tell your boyfriend that you experience some level of regression. If your boyfriend currently accepts your quirky personality traits you exhibit right now as they are with no special identifying label then forcing him to apply a label could make him uncomfortable, depending on his current educated status on the community and acceptance to become further educated. Basically, you could be making it feel complicated for him--especially if the relationship is new or freshly overcoming an obstacle.

It's really a personal decision you will have to make for yourself if you would like him to acknowledge that you are "being little" versus no specific label. There is no right or wrong answer to that question. Knowing the label realistically doesn't change anything except acknowledging the person is atypical so it really may not be necessary if he already accepts you. That acknowledgement may be fulfilling to you though since it would be coming from your partner. Though, keep in mind that just because someone acknowledges your regression it doesn't mean it's okay to automatically assume they will take on a specific role with you during it.

If you choose to tell him then I suggest you come prepared with answers to questions he may likely ask (some possible questions are listed in our coming out guide), leave the conversation door open for him to ask anything without you becoming too heated or defensive (sometimes people will ask the questions pertaining to no-no subjects in the community but we should keep in mind that they're just trying to learn about us), encourage him to research with you on sites you provide (so that he doesn't stumble upon something incorrect or that just doesn't really apply to who you are; it's a great idea to join community sites together), and emphasize that you have always been this way and it is just who you are and not necessarily an act you put on.

I feel it's important to move slowly and at your partner's pace with learning about it, and a lot of times that means not bringing up fet-ish, kink, or BDSM initially since it can feel like a quick leap from, "I feel like a child who just never grew up," to the misunderstanding of, "I want to be a biological child again and engage in these certain acts that children do not generally engage in!" It can be too much to take in and process at once initially if you're mixing in adult intimacy and childlike qualities all at once without it being a question they've brought up themselves. It's best to stick to basic details that are easy to digest, and point out that you've already showed him this part of yourself since you've been so comfortable around him (give him clear examples so he can remember too). It can also be important to reassure him that you are not magically changing or expecting him to do anything new on his end of the relationship.

Our resources are here:

This is our basic coming out guide that might provide you a little more advice:
I love this thread! I’ve just truly discovered that I am a little so it’s new to me. I just ordered my first onesies and pacifiers today. I brought up the topic of little space with my bf (who already pretty much adores and appreciates my innocent child like side). I think he was kind of intrigued by the idea of me embracing my childlike side more. I haven’t said anything about the the stuff I bought for little space yet because I’m still figuring it out myself. But I know once I do figure it out it’s up to me if I want to share it with him or just be my full little self on my own.
I’m the same I That I’m extremely new to this myself but already thinking about when I should tell my boyfriend. We live together so it will be difficult to keep it from him if I think and I’ve always spoken about having total trust in each other. Also, I really want to get to a point where I don’t have to hide it from him and that I can go into little space whether he’s home or not. That’s the dream.

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