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I came up with this post after reading Getting into headspace/little viewtopic.php?p=53549#p53549

It personally helped me a lot resee my own littlespace. But, it made me question why had I thought differently before?

So I had always viewed Littlespace as a state of being little that you would just magically feel all cute and little and what not. That it was like a switch.

For me I believe this comes from tumblr and reading stories and seeing it from the outside yah know? It's so easy to see a youtuber or tumblr user talk about their little side as a different person you know? And it made me personally feel like I wasn't doing it right? Or like I wasn't fully little because I struggle to feel that same way.

Then you have stories and they treat it purely like it's a switch, that a little will always just suddenly be acting like an adult and then boom they are acting perfectly like their little age with no issue or trace of their adult side. But, that's not how it works for most people.

You're still an adult and those adult thoughts will still be there. You're not going to be able to turn it off perfectly. You can distract yourself focus on the childish part of you. I realize now that by seeing other people's littlespaces and reading stories that I've idealized the concept of headspace. But, I have realized that it's different because what really is likely happening is the little is being guided into that sense by their caregiver. And stories where they can just boom turn into a switch. Maybe someone out there has it like that, but not everyone. There isn't anything wrong with my littlespace that I don't get that way.

I understand now that I need to focus on that part and give up the idea that I'm going to magically just fall into this "little headspace" where I feel 100% like a toddler or baby or whatever. Rather focus on things I can do to bring that childish part of me out and enjoy it even if the icky adult side is bothering me!

I would love to know your guys thoughts did you have this issue? Also thank you @AzureAndVanilla and @admin
Thanks for the shoutout!

We personally had similar experiences while growing up and exploring Littlespace. As a matter of fact, we did have similar infleneces a situation you did.

Unfortunately, our reading comprehension was not all there to be fully able to differentiate a story from a real account, so we have a phase where we idealized what Regression was.

This was a terrible thing for us to happen, as it mead to deep depression in our late teenage years. We wanted to be Adult Babies so badly, to manifest what is present only in fantasies. It was so crushing to us because we were just gaining more responsibilities and accountability as we were rolling into biological adulthood.

Thankfully, we had a big event in life happen to us that jolted us to be more realistic about life, about desires, about our own feelings even.

It was only after this event that we disconnected from the internet for a few months that we realized just how intrinsic and natural our Regression was. We were no longer under the same pressure of having to be ideal Adult Babies from stories, nor were we influenced by friends in the community about their own idealization, impossible expectations.

Looking back, it would've been nice to have the resources that this site has, as we would've been able to discover what Littlespace truly is, what it means to be a Little. We would've avoided many hardships and growing pains!

Now that we are aware of how liberating being Little is, we want to let other people struggling with similar circumstances come to terms with themselves. It's more than a kink, more than a lifestyle. It's a personality type, ever-present in every Little's life and simply manifested to different degrees depending on the context.

We deeply appreciate you, @HihoJamu, for standing up and calling out what you believe is broken in the community, and that you weren't afraid to explore yourself in a very real way!

We hope we can provide the platform to express more ideas that you have, as other people lack the tools to understand themselves and are influenced by unrealistic ideas and the wrong set of resources.

Thank you! :bheart: :pheart: :pinkh:
First thank you @AzureAndVanilla you're both sweethearts.I really wanted to post this discussion because I was curious if anyone else had these issues. I first discovered regression and littlespace though age regression art and then regression stories which lead me into adult baby and mental regression, while I knew it wasn't a magical switch and you would forget being an adult like those stories. When I started reading age play stories (specially fanfic) so much of it makes it out like while you remember your adult memories you are 100% childish and what not. Then seeing people talk about like it was. Made me believe that I only ever could really get half regress. But, I'm just now realizing (because of you two and your post I mention) that, that's my littlespace it's not half regression. Because this idolized version where it just comes natural and suddenly I am a 2 year old again isn't real it wouldn't happen for me. Maybe it happens that way for others but it doesn't for me and thats okay and normal. If someone had told me that 5 years ago it would have helped me so much more impress myself and help understand myself. I think in many ways that's why I longed for a caretaker so much. Because all the stories and posts have caretakers and littles commenting on how their caretakers make them feel little and it made me think that's what was wrong. When in reality the caretakers did help, because they were encouraging the behavior and I can do that myself

If this post can help just one person with their own issues and feel like they aren't alone and that littlespace isn't always how it is made to seem. I'll be happy!
This was so helpful, thank you so much for posting it! I has just recently accepted that I was a little not too long ago, and was doing research about all this stuff and was getting really excited about it all! But then because I felt like I didn't do little space "correctly" I felt like I couldn't fit in here either, and I got really depressed. It's true, a lot of people make it seem like you're a completely different person. And that's totally legit, some people do that, but it always felt like you had to do that in order to be a little. I don't do that, and I thought people would judge me. I'm so happy to find it that's not the case, and that their are other littles like me out there. :heart: :yay:
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