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My Daddy has been super busy and exhausted every day lately and im scared he's going to get burnt out and feel too tired & stressed to want to be my Daddy anymore. He still makes time to call me every day and made plans to see me for lunch not too long ago but its clear that he's busy and doesn't actually have the time or energy for these things. I'm worried for him and would like to know what I can do to release some of his stress so that our relationship doesn't suffer.

Any advice for Little's with a Caregiver experiencing a burnout?
I went through this with my last CG relationship (wasnt "full" cg, but she acted like a mommy role frequently). Ultimately we broke up because there was no end in sight for her busy life and wasnt able to spend any time with me.

But if he still has time for you thats great (: the advice I have that I tried was finding ways to get out my little energy and needs in my own space, so I didn't have to bother her or feel "left out" when she was busy. A few ways I did this was hanging out here when im little and chatting, made some little friends that I send pics to of drawings n stuff, and I'd have little nights where id try to fully regress and do my favorite activities to make me happy without needing her to be there for me.

Communication is key. Keep talking to him about stuff and you guys can always work together to figure out whats working best for you (:
Have you checked out our resource article about Caregiver Burnout yet?: ... verburnout

It may not be the root "burnout" that is happening but the end portion of the article goes over points you may want to discuss with your Caregiver in formulating a, even discreet, "plan of action" in the case you feel he is also being stressed by tending to another adult. Perhaps it will point you in the right direction in opening up some discussion on what he would like you to carry out for him sometimes or less intense ways that you can exchange care for one another.

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