New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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I am seeing this guy, and he asked if I knew what a little was. I had no idea. Once he explained it, I was like. I’m to old. I’m 38 lol, yet a lot of way I get what he was meaning.
He is 32 and while he says this isn’t a deal breaker, I want to educate myself before we get farther involved.

So am I to old?

I’ve always been a girly girl at heart- coloring, dress up, teasing, pouting, need and wanting attention.
There is no age limit on being a little. It’s personality-based. I encourage you to take time to read through our resources so that you can understand better.

Enjoy your path!
You're never ever ever ever eeeeeeeever EVER EVER EEEEEVER too old for ANYTHING!! Be a ballerina, a cook, a musician, a dancer, a little, a caregiver, ANYTHING!! Age is juuuust a number. :nodyes: :splode: :hugs: :stuffie: :arg:
hey I totally agree with everyone else here you NEVER TO YOUNG TO BE A LITTLE! and no one should tell you otherwise.I myself am 37 and my daddy is about 36 . So pleas know you not the only older little out there dear heart. :pacy:
You aren't too old! There's never too old. I'm 36 and I'm here to tell you, I'm not ashamed of being 36 and a little. I often say at work "I'm a giant 5 year old. Just treat me like one " Some co-workers think it's a joke while others do. It's a very welcome relief when I'm stressed out and about to lose my cool.

You be as little as you want. There's no age limit, weight limit, height limit. You go on with your awesome little self and be the bestest you can be. (Or if you're a bratty little, then be the brattiest little!) :pinkh: :pinkh: :pinkh:
By Deleted User 64965
As another older little, no, you're not too old. I'm 43, my husband and daddy is 35. He's new to being a cgl but I've known I was little since I was a teenager though I didn't have a name for it until a few years ago.
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