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By SilentBunny
So one of these nights I was just eating my chips at 3am and I was suddenly hit with a rather cool but possibly silly idea... A podcast about little space community

This would work as sort of thing to just casually talk about it, share stories and maybe even answer people's questions since there's so much misinformation about the the community and what it is about

Even though it was a very random idea, this is quite stuck on the back of mind and I believe it wont go away until I share this with everyone. So I want to ask what you think about it, do you think it's interesting? Do you believe it would help others and give the community a better name?
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By noellarae
I think that would be so awesome! Since I've learned about little space, I've tried to read as much as possible about it to figure out what's best for me to try and have never found a podcast about it that answered questions about its specifics. I believe beginners like me would love to have a resource like that.
The community has such a misunderstood reputation that I think it would be super cool to have a podcast out there talking about what regression actually is, plus it would help those who are new to it and are looking for information or guidance while trying to figure themselves out! :pinkh: :pinkh:
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By Zer0
This is a great idea! I'd listen to it. I think it's a great idea to maybe do a little space 101 and explain the many levels of little space. Yes, it could go on forever. Lol And tips and tricks for budget stuff or diy.

The possibilities are limitless on what you could do. Let me know what the title is and you got at least one listener, babe!

I think it would help with so many miscommunications people can have with little space and it can be overwhelming trying to read it all. But listening can make it easier. You might even help other confused, lost, scared littles find themselves! Or even Bigs realize they're not weird and find themselves! How amazing would that be?!

I'll listen to your podcast, let me know when you make a name and start. I'm looking forward to it!
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By nolifedany
that's a great idea! I would definitely hear a podcast about that, and I'm sure it would help a lot! let me know the title once you start it, I can't wait to hear about that!
Aww thank you all so much!! It was just a random thought I had haha but it makes me happy to see people think it's a nice idea :pinkh:

A lot of terms get confusing and mixed up and as someone who's still very knew but happened to be lucky enough to stumble unto this wonderful site, I thought it would be nice to try and reach out to others like this so they don't get scared and confused when searching because there is a lot of misinformation around and people keep spreading that without knowing it's all wrong
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By noellarae
Exactly! Navigating this lifestyle has constant ups and downs, which can be overwhelming to new littles. Like you said, we're lucky enough to find this website. If you ever start a podcast or find one that talks about littlespace, please send me the link sometime if you're able!

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