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By Daddys247Princess
So I never knew that there was a thing called being a little or age regression, I just found out. I've always been a little, even as a teenager (I'm 31 biologically)..
And I felt so happy when I found this community, cause I felt like I wasn't alone.
But then I read a lot of different articles (my own fault, I know) about DDlg, CGL, littles and ageplay.. And how its sexualizing children (I'm a mom, I have a daughter, and I do believe children are sexualised, but not by the kink community, never ever, actually quite the opposite. I get that some people are just ignorant and don't know, but a lot of these articles and blogs are written by people within the community (little/ and so many of them seem to be of the opinion that DDlg or anything sexual while regressed is wrong, and that its pedo and gross.
And here's my question....
Does that mean there's something wrong with me? Cause even when regressed to the youngest age I've ever been regressed to, I still have sexual needs and desires they might not be super clear though. That doesn't mean that I'm always ready for something sexual while little, but sometimes I am, and according to a lot of people that makes me disgusting, and even more so it makes my Daddy disgusting, which he's NOT! He is not into children or young girls in any way, he's into me, no matter what state I'm in (the type of guy that says you're cute when you're angry and still beautiful when you cry)..
Sorry for the long rant/post/question..
Heres a potato πŸ₯”
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By Xtal228
I relate with what you are saying. I have seen none sexual littles bash sexual littles a lot, but alas, this is kink shaming. I am 33. I feel like maybe I am 21 mentally. Cuz I don't feel my age. I have also had little tendencies my whole life. I was a Kandi kid and pacis and stuffies has always been a thing for me, along with making Kandi. My little space is sub space. That's where I kinda start baby talking, because I've submitted and been made to feel small. I don't even really baby talk as much as it's more like I stutter. Like I can't use my words. So subs go completely mute. I feel like regression is different. I do little activities that are none sexual but I don't actually regress. With that being said, I knew what sex was when I was 4. I was hypersexual as a child. I identify my little ages as 3/13/16. Those older ages are going to be sexual. The element of it catering to child involvement is real though. I have kids. My first "Daddy" was actually grooming me to get to my daughter. As much as I enjoy my kink, I mainly enjoy it alone.
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By Daddys247Princess
So sorry to hear that, thats so awful, I can't imagine how unsafe that must've made you feelπŸ˜” I was an overly sexual child, and in general I'm just a very sexual being, and I do regress, but it's hard for me to pinpoint an age, cause I was very childish well into my twenties.. And I never knew I was a little, just thought I was a weirdo that refused to grow up.. But I definitely have a times where I regress to a point where I'm truly very childlike and innocent, like before I became aware of my own sexuality, but thats usually not voluntary, and its often triggered by negative emotions.. But I was very young when I began playing with myself cause it felt nice.. Sometimes I regress to an age I feel like is right around the time I lost my virginity at 12, that was a very excited time of my life tbh.
My Daddy is also my babydaddy, and I'm luckily not the least bit concerned for our daughter.
Right now we're long distance cause he got deported, but hopefully we won't have to wait for long to be reunited.
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By GrungyEmo1993
Oh, I felt so alone too!, I love the Abdl Community so much.

And You're perfectly Okay, in fact, the world needs more people like you, you are the best kind of person.

Don't over think this Abdl Little thing. There are so much worse adult interests and behaviors to be into out there.

I had the same kind of thoughts for Abdl and diapers as you do, and i saw a psychologist for a long time and she said
my behavior is perfectly okay, So, I'm guessing you're okay too.


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