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So lately, I've been feeling like I don't really have a Little Age anymore and I was kinna wondering, if someone asked your little age at like a meet up or something and you don't seem to have one anymore, what do you tell them?

This probably doesn't make any sense at all but yeah. I thought for the longest time that my little age was like 10 or something but it kept shifting to like 16 but then back to ten and now I just don't feel like I have a regression age anymore.

So would it just be called regression? Cause I kind of end up regressing when I'm with my friends or with people who accept the way I am since I kind of slip into Little space alot when I try really hard not to.
Yeah, you don’t need to be able to identify your regression age. A regressor is still a regressor even if they can’t identify their subcategory.

In munches and meet-ups nobody really cares what others’ little ages are. You can just say you’re just a regressor and they’ll accept the answer just fine. Nobody cares about these details except you and those very close to you. It’s really only beneficial to know your little age for when you’re trying to explore more things you may enjoy while regressed and for when you’re trying to partner to someone who wants to know the details of your regression.

I hate to say it this way but everyone is too much into themselves to even be slightly concerned about your details that don’t impact them whatsoever. You could say your regression age is embryo and the most they’d probably say is, “That’s cool.” You could say your regression age is 1 year younger than your legal age and they’d also reply casually without questioning it. The community isn’t known for deep, intellectual conversation. Don’t worry, nobody will bat an eye at you being a generic regressor.
Vedia wrote: 2 months ago I regress to differant ages depending on what i need and who i am around at that moment. My regression age ranges from 1-12.
Exactly my point. :derp:

Some people are so self-absorbed they can’t even be bothered to actually read what they choose to respond to in the community.

Trust me, OP, nobody will give any thought at all about your personal regression details.

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