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I do not have anything to help me regress. I still live with my family, and they aren't that accepting. I don't have pacifiers, or anything, just stuffed animals. My boyfriend has never been in a relationship with a little, he didn't even know what it was until I finally told him. He doesn't have experience with it, and I'm really stressed at the moment, and I haven't regressed in a long time. Can someone help?
You don’t need items to regress, and nobody else can “help” you regress just by their presence, acceptance, or even verbal encouragement.

The items you’ve been told you need are absolutely unnecessary. They exist to make a profit. They are not transformative.

Regression is a part of personality. It fluctuates and isn’t clear most of the time. Most people who are truly Little do not have a regression experience and never become immersed in feeling childlike. They just are a bit goofy, playful, or quirky. This is either who you are or…not. It really is that black and white.

If you want to act out regressively then just do it. Surround yourself as much as you can with an atmosphere that feels safe (cartoons? music? quiet privacy?) and go for it. Nothing magical happens to trigger it. You just do it and find the happiness you may naturally feel by expressing yourself regressively. If that doesn’t feel self-expressive to you then you may need to consider that you aren’t a Little but just like to roleplay—ageplay. Or maybe you just need to do other things and stop chasing after an experience.

In a way, it’s like an artist that expresses themselves on canvas in a way they can’t otherwise at that moment. If they’re not feeling it then it’s just not going to happen. They can’t force their feelings into beautiful art if they’re not feeling satisfied with that form of expression at that time. Just like everybody, they don’t just have one way to express themselves either. You are your own canvas. You are all of the supplies you need. If you’re just not feeling it then you’re just not feeling it. Do something else that makes you feel good.

Stop worrying about having an experience. The hyped up stories of this fantastical regressive immersion experience are not real. That’s just the truth of it. Love who you are, how you are :hugs:
It's not about the experience. It's about the fact that I'm stressed and can't regress to escape it. I tried talking to my boyfriend about it, but honestly I was too anxious to bring it up...I don't know how to explain it to him...I'm not the kind of person who can just go up to my S.O. and ask "hey, i know that you are aware I'm a little, but could you like....treat me like a kid? It would help" I just can't ask him....I don't know what to do...I usually play with my stuffies, but I have to share a room with my sister, so it's hard... I completely understand where you're coming from, I just...It's always confused me, I enjoy being a little, and it's relieving, and fun, and helps with my stress, anxiety, depression and a snailpoop ton of other things, I just don't know how to control it.
NicoHunter wrote: 2 months ago
…I'm stressed and can't regress to escape it.
NicoHunter wrote: 2 months ago…my stress, anxiety, depression…

Regression is not a form of therapy. It cannot cure depression or anxiety disorders. Please seek a licensed therapist to help you better explore and manage your stress. It is not safe, productive, or psychologically healthy to escape real world problems. Unfortunately, escaping does not lead to resolution. Your mental health is very important, and we really don’t want you to continue to suffer from whatever is causing you so much stress, anxiety, and depression. Please, seek out real help. :hugs:
NicoHunter wrote: 2 months ago Um, thanks. But CGL is a coping mechanism. Therefore, it's also used to help relieve stress, and ''real world problems'' Therapy doesn't work for me, and neither do meds. So yeah
It is not a coping mechanism. Regression is not a form of therapy. That is misinformation spread around the community to create an excuse as to why Littles are different. Littles are so by personality, which could have been a born trait or developed without causation. Regressive experiences are not mandatory for a Little’s health or happiness. Please work to educate yourself through accurate means.

Just like with any other individual, role playing does not magically cure disorders such as anxiety or depression. Littles are just people. Acting out as a child does not do anything specially magical to resolve issues a Little, or any other person, may face.

If you are ageplaying “to cope” then that is not regression or being a Little. That’s a hobby based around roleplay. You like to roleplay as a child because it’s easy, puts the attention spotlight on you, and is fun to pretend you are someone else. Okay, that’s reasonable, and the fun of it can certainly give you temporary stress relief. That hobby cannot replace therapy or medication no matter how much you want to believe that though. If one therapist or medication had not helped your real anxiety or depression then please seek a new therapist or tell your doctor you may need to try other medications or combinations of them. Regressing, or roleplaying as a child, will not resolve the issues you face. Pretending to be a child for a short while will never cure or resolve mental health conditions.

You are important. You are valuable. I know these sorts of lies going around the community are easy to accept because they give you excuses to dive deeper into more regressive expressions. They give you excuses to be fearful of trying new things or taking on typical responsibility. They give you excuses to attention-seek without guilt. Don’t believe these untrue “reasons” though. They are lies. If you’re a Little then you’re just a person who has a different sort of personality than average. You aren’t going to be held back by it. You can make the same achievements and accomplishments as others. You don’t need to do something different, like “regress”, to be able to survive life. You aren’t weak. You aren’t incapable. You aren’t disabled. You’re just different. Perhaps you can use some more positive reinforcement, encouragement, and support but you don’t have to perform some silly dance of “regressing” to be okay or to make it through the day. If you’re mentally unwell then you need the same sort of treatment everyone else needs. Regressing, ageplay, and roleplay will not cure mental health disorders. You don’t deserve to go through this because some strangers on the internet keep telling you magical regression will eventually make it better. Because it won’t. That’s the truth.

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